January 30, 2023 | TruckerTools

Optimize Capacity Sourcing, Planning and Management with Trucker Tools

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It’s been a wild few years in transportation and logistics, with demand and truckload rates skyrocketing throughout 2020 and 2021 and then falling back to earth in late 2022. While volumes and rates have stabilized in recent months, supply and demand continue to fluctuate in 2023, which is challenging for you and your team. One of the best ways to weather market fluctuations and uncertainty is to leverage technology like Trucker Tools’ to your advantage when it comes to capacity sourcing, planning and management. Solutions like our Smart Capacity software platform help you optimize your operations for greater efficiency using powerful algorithms, artificial intelligence and predictive matching to reduce your operating costs.

Digital Freight Matching: Smarter Capacity Sourcing  

Imagine this: instead of making multiple phone calls to several different carriers to source capacity for a single load, you search for and secure truckload capacity with a few clicks of your computer mouse. That’s what Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching technology offers freight brokerages and logistics companies like yours. With Smart Capacity, you can search Trucker Tools’ network that includes nearly 2.5 million drivers and 315,000 carriers for specific types of capacity in certain lanes in a matter of seconds. Smart Capacity also automatically displays reloads on each load to increase carrier utilization and facilitate relationship-building with carriers. Optimizing your capacity sourcing process for efficiency with Smart Capacity ultimately increases productivity and scalability, while boosting shipper service.

Capacity Planning: Predictive Matching

Smart Capacity’s predictive matching technology allows you to tap into future truckload capacity. Thanks to the tracking and transaction data harnessed by Smart Capacity and our driver and carrier technology, the platform can predict which carriers and drivers are likely to have free trucks and where they’ll be available not only today, but also in the future. Once you’ve located future truck capacity with Smart Capacity’s matching algorithm or other search tools, you can send digital offers to carriers on future capacity before it ever hits a public load board. Access to future truckload capacity allows your team to plan ahead, secure capacity faster than your competitors and can help you avoid paying high last-minute rates. It also helps your carrier partners run their businesses with greater efficiency.

Capacity Management: Digital Negotiations and Offers

As a Smart Capacity user, you can communicate digitally through the platform with the nearly 2.5 million drivers and 315,000 carriers already using Trucker Tools’ technology. In fact, many of the drivers and carriers with whom you work likely already use our free driver and carrier tech. That digital connection streamlines how you conduct negotiations and offers with carriers and drivers, saving all involved time and money. With Smart Capacity, you can respond to offers, accept offers and make counteroffers to carriers with a click of your mouse. When you send messages to owner operators and carriers via Smart Capacity, they can respond to you digitally using our free driver and carrier technology.

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