January 31, 2023 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Email Parsing and Automation Reduces Costs, Creates Better Experience for Carriers

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As a technology provider, we have a vested interest in knowing our customers’ pain points and frustrations. In a recent meeting, one of our customers shared that their team receives as many as 1 million email messages each week, many of these from carriers about truckload capacity. It can take thousands of hours to read and respond to emails individually. If you’re still answering carrier capacity-related emails manually, it may be time to consider other more efficient options. Trucker Tools’ email parsing and automation tools can greatly reduce costs for freight brokers like you, while providing a better experience to your carrier partners. 

Trucker Tools’ Email Parsing 

It’s no secret that email can be a time-drain. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that workers spend on average 28 percent of their weekly time reading and answering email. With this in mind, we’ve included powerful email parsing capabilities in our Smart Capacity freight matching platform. Simply set a rule in your email program to auto-forward any capacity related emails to Trucker Tools and we’ll set up Smart Capacity to automatically process and display email carrier capacity for you in the platform. Email parsing allows you to view and respond to emailed capacity from within our Smart Capacity platform with a few clicks of your computer mouse. 

Trucker Tools’ Email Automation

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform also includes artificial intelligence that streamlines your outgoing messages to carriers and owner operators. With the Carrier Matches tool in Smart Capacity, you can quickly find loads that match a carrier’s available trucks and send multiple loads to the carrier for consideration. With Smart Capacity’s Smart Routes, you can automatically send loads in certain lanes to specific carriers that usually run in those particular lanes. The Carrier Search tool makes it easier for you to source capacity for hard to cover lanes. With the Carrier Search tool, simply enter the shipment details and other information and you can generate messages to multiple carriers with several clicks of your computer mouse.

Time Savings=Cost Savings

All of the above email-related features and tools in Smart Capacity ultimately reduce the amount of time you and your team spend manually reading and responding to email messages about carrier capacity. Any time that you can complete a task faster, you reduce the time and human resources associated with the activity, which reduces your operating cost for the activity. Automating how you handle email also provides a level of scalability that frankly can’t be achieved when your process is manual. When you use these email automation tools, you can increase freight volume without necessarily hiring on new team members. It’s worth noting that using email parsing and automation technology in your ops benefits the carriers with whom you work, as well, as they can respond to you at any time via the Trucker Tools platform. 

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