December 16, 2020 | TruckerTools

Three Things Brokers Should Know About Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage

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Trucker Tools recently introduced an exciting new option for logistics companies and freight brokers: Broker Advantage. With Broker Advantage, you can communicate and share information with carriers and drivers via Trucker Tools’ free app for drivers and free carrier platform. When you opt in on Broker Advantage, you can create a “home page” for your company within the Trucker Tools driver app and our platform for carriers. This home page can include links for carriers to upload documents and to get information about your current loads, announcements, incentives, discounts and more. Broker Advantage puts all the information your carriers need in one, easy to access place. It also streamlines your workflows and helps you build your carrier base.

Check out the top three reasons you should sign up for Broker Advantage today.

1. Broker Advantage Saves You Time

For several years, broker and 3PL customers have asked us to develop an easy way to share discounts, incentives and other information with carriers through our free driver app. Based on that feedback, Trucker Tools created Broker Advantage. Like all of the software tools and platforms we provide to brokers and 3PLs, our Broker Advantage program is designed to reduce inefficiencies in your operations and to reduce your cost per load. Simply put, Broker Advantage reduces the time you spend communicating with drivers and carriers.

Instead of sharing discounts, incentives, announcements, available loads and other information with carriers via email or phone, you can simply post this information on your Broker Advantage home page. Posting information to the Trucker Tools driver app and carrier platform only takes a few minutes. It’s much faster than sending and responding to individual emails, phone calls and load board postings. The efficiency that you gain from using Broker Advantage ultimately can reduce the time your staff members spend on repetitive manual tasks, which can reduce your cost per load.

2. Saves Time for Carriers, Too

Carriers like Broker Advantage because it puts all the information they need in one, easy-to-access place: the Trucker Tools driver app. Without Broker Advantage, drivers and carriers have to open a new app (browser, email or load board app) or call you to get the information they need — and that takes time. With Broker Advantage, carriers have instant access to information on your loads, incentives, announcements and discounts and can upload BOL and POD documents in the same place. Broker Advantage makes life easier for carriers because they don’t have to hunt for information that you may have sent to them by email, text message or a load board post. 

Trucker Tools’ free driver app is a true all-in-one technology. In addition to the functionalities just mentioned, the free app provides carriers and drivers with real-time information on parking, loads, fuel prices, routing, weigh scales, Wal-Mart locations, CDL legal protection, load insurance, truck stops, rest areas, DOT locations, hospitals and more. The Trucker Tools driver app also includes a load tracking tool that can integrate with your TMS and a doc upload tool.

3. Builds Brand Awareness for Your Company

When truck capacity is tight, you have to leverage every opportunity to your advantage to keep carriers running your loads. That includes marketing your company to carriers and drivers who use Trucker Tools’ solutions. A few months ago, downloads of our free driver app surpassed 1 million. There also are 140,000 trucking companies on our free carrier platform. You can use Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage to build your company’s brand within Trucker Tools’ driver and carrier communities, which are substantial in size. With Broker Advantage, every time a user of the Trucker Tools driver app or our carrier platform tracks one of your loads via Trucker Tools or looks at one of your loads, they’ll see your company logo. Your company logo also appears on your Broker Advantage home page. 

Carriers and drivers actually do embrace technology, contrary to popular belief. They just want to use one technology to communicate with you. They also want, just like you, to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Broker Advantage helps them achieve these goals, while helping you meet yours.  

To learn more, read Increase Carrier Stickiness, Simplify Communications with Broker Advantage.

Schedule a free demo of Broker Advantage and Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, real-time visibility platform and Book It Now®.

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