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January 14, 2021 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Keeping You Moving and Making Money During the Pandemic

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Trucker Tools recently surveyed truckers like you to find out more about how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting you and your livelihood. We conducted the same survey back in April at the beginning of the pandemic. The truckers we surveyed recently say that they continue to struggle with reduced income, reduced hours at truck stops, extended detention time, increased restrictions at docks and trouble finding places to get food. Read on to learn more about the results from our survey and to find out how you can overcome these challenges with Trucker Tools’ app for drivers.

Access to Truck Stops, Stores and Restaurants

It’s clear that accessing basic necessities like food and supplies is still a problem for drivers like you. The survey we conducted back in April found that 30 percent of you were impacted by reduced hours at truck stops, stores and restaurants. The results from the April survey also showed that 35 percent of those who responded were struggling to find food. In our most recent survey, 41 percent of you reported that reduced hours at truck stops, stores and restaurants are a challenge and 44 percent of you said you’re having trouble finding places to get food. 

With Trucker Tools’ free app for drivers, you can quickly find out when truck stops are open using our free Truck Stop Guide. The Truck Stop Guide shows you truck stops all along your route, including the amenities and parking options available at each one. You can filter the results to only show you truck stops with restaurants. You also can tap on the Wal-Mart button in the driver app to find Wal-Mart locations with grocery stores along your route.

Maintaining Income/Profits

The pandemic also has caused many of you to lose income. In our survey of truckers in April, 90 percent of you said reduced income was the top challenge of the pandemic. Our recent survey saw that number go down to 50 percent, but reduced income obviously is still a major hurdle. This most recent survey also revealed that 75 percent of you report being impacted by low rates. Other truckers told us that many manufacturers have shut down their operations due to Covid-19, which has impacted freight volume.

You can combat reduced income and uneven volume with the Trucker Tools driver app’s digital load matching. Finding and booking loads with the driver app is fast and helps reduce your downtime. With more time behind the wheel and less time spent on load boards and phone calls to brokers, you can pull more loads, which can help offset the impact of Covid-19. Using Trucker Tools’ all-in-one driver app also reduces the number of apps you need to use throughout your day, which makes you more efficient. Greater efficiency can turn into more income.

Detention, Accessing Facilities at Shipper/Receiver Docks

In our most recent survey, 70 percent of those who responded told us that detention time has increased by one to five or more hours during the pandemic. Sixty percent of the truckers who answered our recent survey report that increased restrictions and reduced facilities at shipper and receiver locations remain a challenge, as well. Both of these numbers are up from April. Early on in the pandemic, only 34 percent of the truckers who answered our survey reported that extended wait times/detention was a major problem.

While it can’t fix the problem of detention and/or restrictions at shipper/receiver locations, the Trucker Tools driver app can help you with both issues. When you track loads with the Trucker Tools driver app, you have a digital record of the entire haul, including wait times at stops. Having a digital record of your detention times makes it easier to claim detention pay. Brokers who use Trucker Tools’ broker software platforms can be automatically alerted any time you’re waiting more than one to hours at a stop, as well. Trucker Tools also is partnering with Dock411 to bring you in-app information on what amenities (such as restrooms and Wi-Fi) are available at shipper and receiver locations. 

If you’re looking to get back on the healthy eating wagon, check out these Five Healthy Eating Tips for Truckers.

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