October 22, 2019 | Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools Driver App Tips: Book-It-Now

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This series of blogs, Driver App Tips, provides practical guidance for truckers on using Trucker Tools’ free mobile driver application.

Read time: two minutes. Time to apply new skill: one minute.


  • Find freight loads in seconds.
  • Book loads in advance.
  • Reduce phone calls with brokers.
  • Increase efficiency.

Trucker Tools recently launched a new tool called Book-It-Now, available now in the free Trucker Tools driver mobile app. In simple terms, Book-It-Now connects in real-time truckers who are looking for freight to haul with brokers who are looking for trucks to haul their freight.

With Book-It-Now, you can view real-time information on available loads, bid on freight and book loads directly in the app in a matter of seconds. Instead of wasting valuable time searching for freight on load boards or emailing brokers, truckers can book loads for their trucks when they want to and as needed.

Get Loads

To search for available loads, begin by opening the Trucker Tools driver app and tapping on Get Loads.

Once you select Get Loads, you’ll be shown available loads that are nearby. Each load listing includes the pick-up and delivery location and the number of deadhead miles associated with the load if you accept it. If the load has been designated as a Book-It-Now load by the broker, you’ll see a yellow BOOK IT NOW button at the bottom right-hand side of the load listing that includes a listed rate.


If you want to accept the load at the listed rate, tap on the yellow BOOK IT NOW button for the load.

Once you’ve tapped on BOOK IT NOW, you’ll see the load details on the next screen and will be prompted to confirm your carrier’s name and MC#, as well as your driver details, which include your name, phone number and other details. (Note: these screenshots show different rates, but when used in the live app, these rates will be the same from screen to screen.)

Once you’ve confirmed these contact details, tap on the yellow BOOK IT NOW button at the bottom of the screen. A pop-up box will appear on your screen saying that you’ll receive a rate confirmation shortly and confirming that you want to book this load. Tap PROCEED to finish the load booking.

Confirmation of the Load Booking

After you finish the Book-It-Now load booking, a pop-up message will be displayed that says “Booking sent to broker. You should receive a confirmation from the broker soon.” Once the broker accepts the booking, you’ll receive an email notification that confirms the booking.

If you’re ready to begin using Book-It-Now, download our free driver app.

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