November 25, 2020 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Your Swiss Army Knife

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Our team is always looking for new ways to help you out, whether you’re running a load or enjoying some well-deserved time off. Recently, we added a boat-load of new features to the Trucker Tools driver app to do just that: make your life easier. We’ve partnered with other companies in the trucking industry to bring you in-app options that save you time, money and headaches. Thanks to these partnerships, you can now add insurance to a load, locate an attorney, get info on docks and reserve overnight parking — all with a few taps in Trucker Tools’ driver app. That’s in addition to the 17+ tools and features already included for free in the app.

Load-by-Load Cargo Insurance

Thanks to our partnership with Loadsure, you can now add cargo insurance on a load by load basis with just a few taps in the Trucker Tools driver app or in our free platform for carriers. The beauty of Loadsure is that you get instant quotes on loads before you book them. Insuring freight on a load by load basis with Loadsure often ends up being a lot cheaper than traditional insurance. Filing a claim is easy and settlements are paid quickly so that you don’t have to lose driving time chasing down a settlement payment.

CDL Legal Protection

Did you get a speeding ticket in another state, but don’t have time to go back to that state to dispute it? No problem. Just tap on the three-line hamburger menu icon in the Trucker Tools driver app and then tap on CDL legal protection. That will take you to TVC Pro-Driver’s portal, where you can upload your ticket and get connected with an attorney quickly. The attorneys in TVC Pro-Driver’s network can help you with moving, non-moving and even serious violations. TVC Pro-Driver attorneys have a 92.7 percent success rate and have gotten more than 1 million traffic violations reduced or dismissed for more than half a million truckers. 

Information on Docks

Dock411 gives you information on specific docks so that you know what amenities are available at the facility before you get there. This information is particularly helpful right now, as access to bathrooms and showers at some shipper and receiver facilities have been reduced because of the Coronavirus. You also can use the Dock411 feature in the Trucker Tool’s driver app to find the dock’s hours of operation, pallet restrictions, loading times, yard hazards, Wi-Fi availability and more. Knowing what to expect ahead of time saves you time and helps you plan ahead, which is always a good thing.

Find, Reserve and Pay for Overnight Parking 

You can now search for, reserve and pay for overnight and long term parking in the Trucker Tools driver app! The truck parking offered by SecūrSpace and TruckPark in the Trucker Tools driver app is safe and secure. Many of the parking lots/facilities have security cameras, gating, fencing and other security features in place to protect you, your truck and your trailer. Before you book your parking spot in the driver app, tap on Description and Features to find out about the parking facility’s security features, onsite restrooms and showers, arrival and exit times, food and other amenities.

Have questions about the Trucker Tools driver app? Read Trucker Tools Driver App Frequently Asked Questions.

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