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What makes choosing Trucker Tools’ visibility solution so clever

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Real-time visibility is what you need to deliver high-quality results and service. But if you’re like most brokers, you track a large portion of your loads by making phone calls to dispatchers or truckers. Even though you realize that calling each dispatcher/trucker multiple times isn’t a cost-effective process for your business, you may struggle to find an effective visibility solution that your carriers will actually use.

Read on to learn how focusing on the carrier experience can help you choose a solution that not only increases visibility, but that also increases productivity and reduces your brokerage’s cost per load. 

Entice Carriers with Technology-Based Tools That Do More Than Track Freight

Convincing carriers, especially small trucking companies and owner-operators, to use freight tracking mobile apps and other freight tracking technologies can be a tough sell these days. Many carriers are suspicious of tracking apps or have had negative experiences with freight tracking technology in the past. Yet, carrier adoption of load tracking technology is essential if you want to increase visibility and reduce inefficiencies in your business.

One way to make load tracking more appealing to carriers is to choose technology that benefits carriers. If you want carriers to use an app for visibility, you have to choose an app like Trucker Tools’ driver app that is multi-functional and includes efficiency tools for truckers. You need a driver app that does more than just track freight if you actually want carriers to use the app and keep it on their phones. Trucker Tools’ app includes 17 plus features and tools that help simplify truckers’ lives when they’re on the road.

Since privacy is a major concern for truckers when it comes to load tracking, choosing a visibility solution that provides transparency is also crucial to the success of your efforts. When truckers use Trucker Tools’ drive app to provide you with freight visibility, they receive a notification on their smartphone anytime that load tracking is on. The notification includes information on the load and the broker associated with the load tracking. With Trucker Tools, truckers always know when load tracking is on and who is receiving location data.

Streamline Workflows, Simplify Load Tracking with Platform Integrations

Choosing a visibility solution that integrates with your existing transportation management software can simplify load tracking for brokerage staff. When employees can view truck location data directly in the TMS interface, it reduces the number of logins/screens they need to use. It also means that brokerage personnel won’t have to be trained on an entirely new software program, which provides cost-savings.

When Trucker Tools’ visibility solution is integrated with your TMS, you can view real-time location data directly in the TMS interface. Truck locations are automatically updated every five minutes to ensure that you always know where trucks are. ETAs are auto-adjusted based on the real-time location of trucks so that they are always accurate. When staff members receive real-time load tracking updates in your TMS, they can react quickly and proactively address any service delays as they occur.

It’s also important to note that implementing a load tracking solution that can integrate with the visibility platform preferred by your shipper can streamline your brokerage operations further.

Operate with Greater Efficiency, Reduce Check-Calls

Here at Trucker Tools, we’re not big fans of check-calls. Check-calls limit efficiency for brokers/3PLs. It makes more sense to leverage available technology to automate the load tracking process, which is what Trucker Tools’ visibility solution does.

The brokers and logistics companies who adopt Trucker Tools’ visibility solution report that carrier adoption of Trucker Tools’ driver app is much higher than single-function tracking apps. Higher carrier adoption translates into more loads tracked and a significant reduction in the number of check-calls you have to make per load.

Reducing the number of check-calls per load decreases your cost per load, which can increase the overall operational efficiency for your brokerage. And when your business runs efficiently, it’s much easier to increase profit margins — and to meet the visibility needs of your shippers.

Learn more about how Trucker Tools’ visibility solution can improve the efficiency of your brokerage by reading Trucker Tools’ Affordable Visibility Solution: Raising Visibility Compliance, Reducing Check Calls and Lowering Costs for Brokers.

If your brokerage’s start-to-finish tracking compliance success rate isn’t at least 70% or higher, it’s time to consider Trucker Tools’ carrier-centric visibility solution. Request a free demo of Trucker Tools visibility solution.

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