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April 21, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Demand for Trucks High This Week for Texarkana, Tucson, Southwestern Ontario, Medford and Fresno

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“Where’s the Freight?” is Trucker Tools’ three times/week market report that tells you in advance where demand for trucks will be highest and lowest over the coming week. You can use this valuable information when you’re deciding on which loads to accept or reject. “Where’s the Freight?” helps you maximize your revenue and avoid taking loads into areas where there aren’t likely to be good paying backhauls available.

The five hottest markets list in today’s “Where’s the Freight?” is evenly balanced between flatbed, reefer and power only. Once again, the Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market is projected to be the top market for truckers and carriers over the next week. On the reefer side, Tucson, Ariz., claims the title of hottest reefer market in the country, while Fresno, Calif., is expected to be the most profitable power only market in the nation over the next five to seven days. For all the details, scroll down to read today’s edition of “Where’s the Freight?”  

Hot Markets for Truckers

  • Texarkana, Texas, and Southwestern Ontario are projected to be the top flatbed markets for truckers/carriers over the next week. Flatbed demand will rise this week in and out of St. Louis. 
  • Tucson, Ariz., and Medford, Ore., will be the best reefer markets in the country in the coming week. Demand for reefer capacity is expected to rise this week for Decatur, Ala., and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Fresno, Calif., will likely be the most profitable power only market in the country over the next five to seven days. Demand for power only is projected to increase this week for Cleveland.
  • You also can expect a surge in demand for dry van capacity in and out of Ottawa, Ontario.

Cold Markets for Truckers

  • Brooklyn, N.Y., will be the least profitable flatbed market in the country this week. 
  • If you pull reefer, you may want to avoid Hartford, Conn., Pittsburgh and Las Vegas this week, as demand in these markets will be extremely low over the next five to seven days. 
  • Demand for power only is projected to fall this week for Savannah, Ga.
  • Calgary, Alberta, will be the coldest dry van market in North America over the next week. 

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Based on Trucker Tools’ data, the top five markets for truckers/carriers in the coming week will be: 1. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 2. Tucson, Ariz. (reefer), 3. Southwestern Ontario (flatbed), 4. Medford, Ore. (reefer), 5. Fresno, Calif. (power only).
  • The bottom five markets for truckers/carriers this week will be: 1. Hartford, Conn. (reefer), 2. Brooklyn, N.Y. (flatbed), 3. Pittsburgh (reefer), 4. Las Vegas (reefer), and 5. Calgary, Alberta (dry van).
  • Demand for reefer capacity in and out of Medford, Ore., currently is twice as high as it was at this time last year. 
  • Some of the biggest industries in Texarkana, Texas, include the lumber, rockwool insulation, sand and gravel, mobile home and railroad tank car industries.
  • Demand for power only capacity inbound to and outbound from Fresno, Calif., currently is three times higher than it was at this same time last year.

Looking for more information on hot and cold markets? Check out Monday’s market report, Where’s the Freight? Expect Increased Demand for Trucks This Week for Winnipeg, Decatur, Phoenix and Montreal.

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