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September 17, 2021 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Edmonton, Texarkana, Dodge City and El Paso Best Markets for Truckers in Coming Week

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Happy Friday, y’all! Welcome to your Friday edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” a free, three-times-a-week freight forecast from Trucker Tools for truckers and carriers. In this and every edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” you’ll find out where demand for truck capacity will be highest, lowest, rising and falling in the coming week. Today’s freight forecast shows that demand for reefer and dry van capacity will be extremely high in one major Canadian market this week, while power only demand is projected to rise in one of the West Coast’s largest freight markets. This week, you also can expect flatbed demand to increase in one of Louisiana’s primary distribution markets and for flatbed demand to/from Texarkana, Texas, to remain elevated. 

Read on to find out where demand for truck capacity will be highest and lowest this week in this Friday edition of Trucker Tools’ “Where’s the Freight?”

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be High

  • Texarkana, Texas, yet again will be the highest demand (and, therefore, likely the highest rate) flatbed market in North America this week. Demand for flatbed capacity is projected to increase over the next five to seven days to/from Shreveport, La.
  • Reefer demand will be extremely high this week inbound to and outbound from Edmonton, Alberta, and Dodge City, Kan. Look for reefer demand to rise in the coming week to/from Lexington, Ky., Texarkana, Texas, and Jonesboro, Ark.
  • El Paso, Texas, is expected to be the highest demand/highest rate power only market this week. You can expect demand for power only capacity to increase this week to/from San Francisco.
  • Edmonton, Alberta, also will be the highest demand dry van market over the coming five to seven days.

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be Low

  • Montreal, Quebec, Brooklyn, N.Y., and Yakima, Wash., will be the lowest demand/lowest rate flatbed markets in North America this week. Flatbed demand is projected to fall this week to/from Southwestern Ontario. 
  • Demand for reefer to/from Hartford, Conn., will be extremely low this week.
  • Fort Worth, Texas, is projected to be the lowest demand power only market in North America over the next five to seven days. Demand for power only capacity likely will decrease this week for Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • The data from Trucker Tools’ software platforms shows that these will be the five highest demand/highest rate markets for truckers in the coming week: 1. Edmonton, Alberta (reefer), 2. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 3. Dodge City, Kan. (reefer), 4. El Paso, Texas (power only), and 5. Edmonton, Alberta (dry van).
  • The five lowest demand/lowest rate markets for truckers will be: 1. Hartford, Conn. (reefer), 2. Fort Worth, Texas (power only), 3. Montreal, Canada (flatbed), 4. Brooklyn, N.Y. (flatbed), and 5. Yakima, Wash. (flatbed).
  • The major industries in Edmonton, Alberta, which appears twice in today’s Top Five Hottest Markets list, include oil and gas extraction, coal mining, agriculture, forestry, biotech, transportation and logistics, and food processing.
  • According to FreightWaves’ most recent Daily Market Update, national outbound tender rejections are up slightly, while volumes are down. 
  • The El Paso, Texas, power only market is projected to favor truckers and carrier by nearly three to one this week, meaning for every truck and trailer going into or out of the area, three loads will be available.
  • As of yesterday, there were an all-time-high 65 container ships at anchor or drifting off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach according to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, breaking previous congestion records. Of those, a record 23 were forced to drift because anchorages were full.
  • C.H. Robinson is reporting in its September 2021 North American Freight Market Insights that the flatbed TL market continues to experience much higher than average load to truck ratios, but recently has settled back closer to historical averages.

Did you miss the previous edition of Trucker Tools’ free market report? If so, no problem! Read Wednesday’s Where’s the Freight? Edmonton, Texarkana, Dodge City and Spokane Hottest Freight Markets This Week.

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