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March 9, 2022 | TruckerTools

Where’s the Freight? Springfield, Texarkana, El Paso, Omaha and Southwestern Ontario Most Profitable Markets in the Coming Week

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Welcome to the mid-week edition of Where’s the Freight?,” Trucker Tools’ free market report for fleets and owner operators. We’ve got lots of new cities in today’s Top Five Hottest Markets list, with Springfield, Mass., claiming the number one spot this week with its power only market. Located in Southwestern Massachusetts, Springfield, Mass., is a distribution point for freight entering the ports of Boston and New York, and for loads being moved West to East across the country. This week, you also can expect to see flatbed demand rise in the Rapid City, S.D., market, while Yakima, Wash., is likely to be a cold spot for flatbed in the coming week. If you run reefer, you’ll want to avoid the Southwestern Ontario and Billings, Mont., markets this week, as both are likely to see low demand and rates for reefer over the next five to seven days.

Read on to discover where demand (and rates) will be high, increasing, low and decreasing over the coming week in this Wednesday edition of Trucker Tools’ “Where’s the Freight?”

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be High or Rising

  • Flatbed demand and rates to/from Texarkana, Texas, will remain relatively high over the coming week. You also can expect flatbed demand to/from Rapid City, S.D., to increase this week.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Dodge City, Kan., and Tucson, Ariz., are projected to increase over the next five to seven day period.
  • Power only demand and rates inbound to and outbound from Springfield, Mass., El Paso, Texas, Omaha, Neb., and Southwestern Ontario are expected to be high over the coming week. Power only demand is likely to rise this week for Birmingham, Ala., and Phoenix.

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be Low or Falling

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Yakima, Wash., are projected to be low in the coming week.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Southwestern Ontario and Billings, Mont., are likely to be very low this week.
  • Power only demand and rates for Brooklyn, N.Y., and Reno, Nev., are expected to be extremely low over the next five to seven days.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights and Industry News

  • In the coming week, the five highest demand markets likely will be: 1. Springfield, Mass. (power only), 2. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 3. El Paso, Texas (power only), 4. Omaha, Neb. (power only), and 5. Southwestern Ontario (power only).
  • The five lowest demand markets likely will be: 1. Brooklyn, N.Y. (power only), 2. Yakima, Wash. (flatbed), 3. Southwestern Ontario (reefer), 4. Billings, Mont. (reefer), and 5. Reno, Nev. (power only).
  • Demand for power only capacity to/from Springfield, Mass., this week will be five times higher than it was during the same week last year.
  • The latest Daily Market Update from FreightWaves finds that national outbound tender rejections and volumes are down.
  • The newest Specialty Crops National Truck Rate Report from the U.S.D.A. indicates significant capacity shortages in Central and Southern Florida and in Eastern North Carolina, as well as slight capacity shortages in the San Luis Valley Colorado, Michigan, and Minnesota-North Dakota (Red River Valley).
  • Starting on May 9, 2022, truckers will no longer need to submit lists of traffic violations to employers on an annual basis.
  • Last week, U.S. diesel prices hit all-time highs, pushing the national average of on-highway diesel to $4.849/gallon.

To find out how you can use this and every edition of our free market report to increase your profits, be sure to read Level Up Your Trucking Business: Target Loads in Areas Where Demand for Trucks Will Be High or Increasing.

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