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March 10, 2022 | TruckerTools

Create a Customized, Online Portal for Carriers with Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage

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In an increasingly competitive capacity market, providing carriers with quick and convenient ways to interact and communicate with your freight broker or logistics business is a must. The use of time-saving technologies can help you keep carriers in network and provide an incentive for out of network carriers to do business with your company. Thanks to Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage, you now can create a customized web-based portal for carriers within Trucker Tools carrier software platform, a platform that is used by more than 220,000 small and mid-sized carriers. You can use your Broker Advantage portal to communicate with carriers about discounts, incentives, changes to processes, loads and much, much more.

No Software Development or API Knowledge Required

Trucker Tools specifically developed Broker Advantage as a white-label interface for freight brokers and 3PL businesses using our Smart Capacity platform for brokers. As a white-label product, Trucker Tools is responsible for creating, maintaining and supporting your customized carrier portal. As such, you don’t need to know anything about software development or APIs to create and use your Broker Advantage portal. If you’ve been considering hiring a software developer to create a custom website for your carriers, you may want to think again as Broker Advantage is a fully developed and supported interface that can be customized to meet the needs of your team and those of your carriers.

Broker Advantage is completely customizable and as a white-label interface, you and your team get to decide exactly what you post to your company’s carrier portal. You also have the option to custom-name your portal and may be able to choose a custom URL for your Broker Advantage portal. When you become a Broker Advantage broker/3PL, you can add your company logo to your load track requests and loads that appear in the carrier portal, as well.  

Streamline and Simplify How You Communicate with Carriers

The freight brokers and logistics companies already using Broker Advantage post premium loads, Book-It-Now® loads, announcements, carrier scorecard results, tire and equipment discounts, equipment for sale notices, incentive information, links for uploading BOL and POD paperwork, and more. Instead of searching through their email programs, text messages or desktop computer for a specific piece of information from your team, carriers can simply visit your portal within the carrier software platform to get the information they need. The fact that carriers can locate the information they need within a platform they already may be using makes Broker Advantage a time-saver for carriers.

Broker Advantage also saves your team members time. Your team members can concentrate on updating your customized Broker Advantage carrier portal instead of sending manual updates multiple times to carriers and their dispatchers via email or communication platforms. Many of our Broker Advantage users also allow carriers to instant message their operations teams through the portal, which is much faster than picking up the phone to call your team to ask a question or to get something resolved.

Connect with the 220,000+ Carriers on Trucker Tools’ Carrier Platform

In addition to helping you streamline communications with your current in-network carriers, you can use Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage to engage with out of network carriers, as well. As previously stated, more than 220,000 carriers, most of whom run 10 trucks or fewer, are already on Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform. If you make your Broker Advantage portal accessible to all carriers, you can use it to market your company and brand to those carriers who haven’t yet worked with your company and team. Out of network carriers can visit your Broker Advantage portal to learn about your company, the types of freight you move, whether you offer digital load booking, and about any discount or incentive programs you may be offering. Broker Advantage is a great way to introduce your company to the nearly one quarter of a million carriers already on Trucker Tools’ carrier platform.

To discover how digital freight matching technology can transform your logistics business, be sure to read “Why Now Is the Time To Ditch Load Boards and Embrace Digital Freight Matching.” Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and Broker Advantage.

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