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Five Facts About Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage

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A little over a year ago, Trucker Tools launched Broker Advantage, a white label digital tool that allows freight brokerage and logistics businesses like yours to customize how carriers interact with your company in Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform. With Broker Advantage, you can create a digital hub within the Trucker Tools platform where carriers can get information about your brokerage/3PL. You may choose to post your premium loads, fuel and equipment discounts, job openings, Book-It-Now® loads, load tracking compliance metrics, POD upload links and/or information about special incentive programs. Broker Advantage is an opportunity to customize the carrier experience within Trucker Tools, boost efficiency and grow brand awareness among the more than 220,000 carriers that use Trucker Tools’ tech.

Check out these five facts about Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage.

1. Customizes How Carriers Interact with Your Company via Trucker Tools’ App

Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage was developed in response to requests from the freight brokers and 3PLs that use our Smart Capacity software platform. They asked us for a personalized way to communicate with carriers via the Trucker Tools platform. Broker Advantage allows you to set up the equivalent of a home page or digital hub for your company within Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform. What you choose to post to your Broker Advantage hub is up to you. You may want to use Broker Advantage to highlight specific loads or share important updates about your company, or you may use it to share incentive programs and raise awareness about your Book-It-Now® loads.

2. Reduces Manual Communications for Your Team

Posting updates, news and more with Broker Advantage can reduce the burden on your carrier sales team and other internal teams. Instead of manually sending out email messages to carriers about tire and fuel discounts or sending individual reminders via text message about submitting PODs and BOLs in a timely manner, you can post this information to your Broker Advantage portal. Some freight brokers and 3PLs post jobs, hiring incentive program information and/or visibility compliance metrics, while others use Broker Advantage to draw attention to time-sensitive or premium loads.

3. Broker Advantage Saves Drivers, Carriers Time

Broker Advantage also can save carriers time. We all know that carriers are often asked to use a different app or website with every load they book. With Broker Advantage, you streamline the carrier technology experience. Instead of opening an email program to learn about your new workflow for submitting PODs, visiting a load board or a website to learn about your premium loads, or coming to your office to drop off paperwork, carriers can get the information they need in a matter of seconds from one digital place — your customized portal in Trucker Tools’ carrier platform.

4. Elevates Your Brand Within the Trucking Community

Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform is used by 220,000+ small and mid-sized fleets. Your Broker Advantage hub can introduce your company to new carriers who may not be familiar with the types of loads and services you offer. Creating a Broker Advantage portal in Trucker Tools’ carrier platform is a great way to introduce your company to the tens of thousands of carriers that are already using the platform. With Broker Advantage, all of your loads and load tracks will include your company’s logo as well, which can further help you build your brand and reputation in the carrier community.

5. Custom-Name Your Broker Advantage Hub

Broker Advantage is a white-label service, which means Trucker Tools provides the platform and customized functionalities, but you have the power to choose what to call and how to brand your Broker Advantage hub. You may want to tie your Broker Advantage hub’s name into your company name or come up with an easy to remember name for your it, since your team will be introducing the hub to your carriers and drivers. As a white-label service, it’s also worth noting that Broker Advantage gives you the ability to create a customized presence within the Trucker Tools app without any app development or IT knowledge base. To learn how one logistics provider is using Broker Advantage, be sure to read How Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage Can Help You Win the Capacity War — with Kingsgate Logistics’ Tom Curee.

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