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June 6, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Where’s the Freight? Texarkana, Dodge City, Rapid City, Regina and San Diego To See High Demand This Week

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Welcome to your Monday edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” Trucker Tools’ free freight forecast for fleets and owner operators. Over the coming week, you can expect flatbed demand to be very strong in several key markets, including those in Texas, Saskatchewan and South Dakota. If you run reefer loads, you’ll want to prioritize loads inbound to and outbound from Dodge City, Kan., this week, as reefer demand is projected to be strong in the area. Over the next five to seven day period, demand for dry van capacity is projected to increase slightly for Ottawa, Ontario, while dry van demand for Ithaca, N.Y., is expected to decline.

For more insights into hold and cold markets, check out the rest of this Monday edition of “Where’s the Freight?” below!

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be High or Rising This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Texarkana, Texas, Rapid City, S.D., and Regina, Saskatchewan, will be very high.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Dodge City, Kan., will remain elevated. Reefer demand to/from Tucson, Ariz., and Texarkana, Texas, is projected to increase.
  • Power only demand and rates for San Diego are expected to be relatively high. Power only demand to/from Los Angeles and Omaha, Neb., likely will increase.
  • Dry van demand and rates for Ottawa, Ontario, are likely to rise.

Where Demand and Rates Are Likely To Be Low or Falling This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Fargo, N.D., and Brooklyn, N.Y., will continue to be very low.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Pittsburgh, projected to be low.
  • Power only demand and rates for Montgomery, Ala., and Omaha, Neb., will be extremely low. Power only demand for Chicago and San Diego is likely to decline.
  • Dry van demand and rates for Ithaca, N.Y., are expected to decrease.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights and Industry News

  • The five highest demand freight markets this week: 1. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 2. Dodge City, Kan. (reefer), 3. Rapid City, S.D. (flatbed), 4. Regina, Saskatchewan (flatbed), and 5. San Diego (power only).
  • The five lowest demand freight markets this week: 1. Montgomery, Ala. (power only), 2. Fargo, N.D. (flatbed), 3. Pittsburgh (reefer), 4. Brooklyn, N.Y. (flatbed), and 5. Omaha, Neb (power only).
  • This week, the San Diego power only market will favor carriers and drivers by more than two to one.
  • According to FreightWaves’ Outbound Tender Volume Index, freight volume was down on Memorial Day 20220by nearly 19 percent compared with Memorial Day 2021.
  • The Tucson, Ariz., reefer market is projected to see a significant increase in demand this week.
  • The Port of Oakland’s chassis pit has closed due to a chassis scarcity. Truckers now must bring their own chassis to move containers.

Read “Where’s the Freight? Texarkana, Tucson, Regina, Dodge City and Macon Top Markets for Carriers and Owner Ops This Coming Week” for more market insights.

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