June 8, 2022 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Mastery Logistics Systems and MasterMind® TMS

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Trucker Tools’ new full-stack integration with MasterMind® TMS helps you manage your freight brokerage or logistics business with greater efficiency, cohesion and intelligence. This integration partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems brings the power of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform directly to the cloud-based transportation management system MasterMind® TMS interface, including Smart Capacity’s real-time load tracking, digital freight matching, carrier relationship management and automated load booking capabilities. With the integration, your team can make decisions in real-time that can improve your day-to-day operational efficiency and deepen relationships with shipper and carrier partners.   

About Mastery Logistics Systems and MasterMind® TMS

Mastery’s MasterMind® TMS is built to be used by a variety of stakeholders, including shippers, third-party logistics providers, freight brokerages and carriers. The cloud-based transportation management system puts all of your operations under one roof, connecting employees across multiple teams and locations for greater efficiency and faster decision-making, accelerating automation and productivity across your business. With MasterMind® TMS, you can manage compliance, visibility, quality, planning, pricing and loads, freight brokerage, IMC ops, LTL and bids in one single, easy-to-use interface. Use MasterMind® TMS to automatically share data with suppliers, vendors and customers, driving higher value to your partners.

MasterMind TMS Integration with Trucker Tools’ Real-Time Visibility

Trucker Tools’ integration partnership with Mastery includes the real-time visibility component of our Smart Capacity platform. Leveraging Trucker Tools’ popular driver app, you receive real-time load tracking updates from the app in the MasterMind® interface every five to 15 minutes. Unlike other driver apps, the Trucker Tools app includes 17+ tools and features that make it a worth-while app for drivers and carriers. The Trucker Tools’ all-in-one app has been downloaded nearly 1.7 million times, consistently ranking as the industry’s most downloaded app month after month. With Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility integrated with MasterMind® TMS, your team is notified of delays in real-time and can work to resolve issues quickly. Use Trucker Tools’ geofencing technology to automatically send load track requests to drivers as they approach pickup points.

MasterMind® TMS Integration with Trucker Tools’ Digital Freight Matching, Carrier Relationship Management

Also included in the Trucker Tools-Mastery integration partnership is Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching. When Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching technology is integrated with MasterMind TMS, your team can source capacity in real-time and perform faster capacity searches. The integration allows you to search your own customized carrier network and/or Trucker Tools’ 195,000-strong carrier network in a matter of seconds. If your goal is to build a high-performing carrier network for the long-haul, you also can use Smart Capacity’s carrier relationship management capabilities to offer premium loads, digital load booking, early access to loads and other perks to specific carriers. Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching also includes predictive load matching that allows you to plan ahead and secure capacity for future loads all within Trucker Tools’ private network.

MasterMind® TMS Integration with Trucker Tools’ Book It Now®

The final component of the integration between Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and Mastery’s MasterMind® TMS is Book It Now®. When you post a load as a Book It Now® load to Smart Capacity via the TMS, you give carriers the ability to book your loads through Trucker Tools’ free, web-based carrier software platform. Book It Now® loads can be booked digitally by owner-operators via Trucker Tools’ free driver app, as well. All Book It Now® loads must include your preferred rate. If a carrier/driver books one of your Book It Now® loads at your listed rate, the load is automatically covered in the MasterMind TMS and the carrier/driver receives an automated email confirming the load booking. Book It Now® ultimately saves your business and your carrier partners time — and in the world of transportation, that’s invaluable.

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