June 8, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Customize Carrier Experience, Boost Efficiency and Grow Brand Awareness with Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage

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As is the case in most industries, relationships matter in the transportation business. Cultivating relationships with carriers over the long-term is vital if you want to continue to meet your shippers needs. Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage was created to do just that: nurture good business relationships with specific carriers for the long-term. In fact, we created Broker Advantage based on feedback from brokers and 3PLs like you who use our Smart Capacity broker platform. They asked us for a way to customize how they interact with carriers via Trucker Tools’ technology and to make it easier to communicate digitally with carriers. They asked and we listened.

Read on to learn more about Broker Advantage and how it can strengthen your carrier network and increase efficiency for you and the carriers with whom you work.

Broker Advantage: Your Customized Carrier Portal

If you’re already using Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform for brokers and 3PLs, you may be looking for a way to personalize how carriers interact with you via Trucker Tools’ technology. Broker Advantage lets you do exactly that. With Broker Advantage, you can offer carriers a web-based portal through which they can view and book your loads, learn about discounts and incentive programs, check out their on-time delivery stats and leaderboards, see how many loads they’ve booked, communicate with your team and much more. These are only some examples of how freight brokers and logistics providers are using their Broker Advantage portals — how you use your Broker Advantage portal is up to you.

Broker Advantage is a white-label technology that is powered by Trucker Tools. What that means is that Trucker Tools creates, maintains and supports your customized Broker Advantage carrier interface, including all of its backend functionality. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to create a customized and branded online tool to communicate digitally with carriers, choose Broker Advantage and let Trucker Tools do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Broker Advantage: Greater Efficiency for Brokers and

Setting up a custom portal that can be accessed by carriers 24 hours/day and seven days/week makes good business sense. You may opt to have carriers send you messages, submit BOL and POD documents, inquire about trucks you have for sale, and/or book loads with Book-It-Now® through your Broker Advantage portal. When you centralize and digitize communications and transactions with carriers, your internal workflows are more efficient. This greater efficiency translates into fewer repetitive, manual tasks for your team and more time to focus on revenue generation and relationship building instead.  

Putting all of the information needed to communicate with your company in one digital place also makes life easier for carriers. With Broker Advantage, carriers don’t have to use one technology to upload and send you POD docs, then another to book your loads and yet another to see what you have for loads in a certain lane. Instead, they can visit your web-based Broker Advantage portal and get everything they need quickly.

Broker Advantage: Build Brand Awareness with Carriers

In addition to boosting in-network loyalty, your custom Broker Advantage portal can be used to market your company to carriers outside your network. If you want to build a larger carrier network, you may opt to make your loads and other information viewable to out of network carriers. When you make your portal viewable to all carriers, this allows the 250,000 carriers that currently use Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform to learn more about your company. They can see what kinds of loads you might offer them and in what lanes. If you use Book-It-Now®, they also can view your rates on individual loads. Each load that is posted to your Broker Advantage portal includes your company logo and every page within your Broker Advantage portal displays your logo, as well.

To learn more about Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage, schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage.

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