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Build Stronger Carrier Relationships with Broker Advantage

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When capacity is tight and drivers and carriers can be choosy, you must leverage all of the tools at your disposal to keep them engaged with your brokerage. Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage is designed to help you keep drivers and carriers in your network and moving your loads, while streamlining communications between drivers/carriers and your team. With Broker Advantage, you can create a customized portal for your carriers within the Trucker Tools mobile app where they can communicate with your brokerage, find and book your loads, and learn more about your incentive and discount offers. As a white-label interface, Broker Advantage can be customized and branded to meet your needs, while providing owner operators and carriers a streamlined, one-stop-shop technology experience.

Read on to find out how you can build stronger carrier relationships with Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage.

Simplify Communications with Carriers

Trucker Tools’ Broker Advantage was created based on feedback from logistics companies and freight brokerages like yours. Several of our customers wanted a place within the Trucker Tools app where they could post premium loads, info on equipment discounts, company updates, links to upload BOL and POD docs, and more. Launched a little over a year ago, Broker Advantage is being used by several of the biggest names in freight brokerage and logistics to streamline communications with carriers and reduce the number of technologies carriers need to interact with these brokers/3PLs.

Instead of sending owner operators and carriers information via email or text message or sending your carriers to a separate website to interact with your brokerage/3PL, you can communicate with them where they already are — on Trucker Tools’ driver app. Broker Advantage is customizable, which means you decide what to post in your Broker Advantage carrier portal. During peak shipping season, perhaps you want to highlight loads that are difficult to cover or that require special equipment or experience. You also can post all of your Book-It-Now loads, how-to guides, updates to internal processes or company news to your portal. Ultimately, Broker Advantage can save your team and drivers/carriers time, which makes it a win for all involved.

Real-Time Engagement and Trust-Building with Carriers via the Trucker Tools App

Most of know that mutual trust makes relationships stronger and more lasting. The same holds true in the logistics and trucking industries, as outlined by Kingsgate Logistics’ Senior VP of Strategy and Innovation Tom Curee in a recent webinar with Trucker Tools.

“From our perspective, a relationship is about trust,” said Curee. “It’s kind of funny, a lot of 3PLs can from a carrier perspective seem to keep information hidden, which makes carriers feel like, ‘What’s being kept from me? What’s being hidden from me?’ What the Broker Advantage platform really allows us to do is just open up. We can share with them fully what’s available, share with them what the rates are and share with them some of the opportunities that are there. That’s what’s necessary for a relationship to really thrive, which is why Broker Advantage works so well. There’s more communication through that platform. They’re able to send us messages and we’re able to message them back — there’s just so much engagement that happens there, but the number one thing is just being able to have a level of trust. To trust them to come here, trust them to execute against the shipment if they want to book it through the platform and just allowing that to take place.” 

Build Your Brand and Reputation in the Carrier Community

Broker Advantage is a great way to not only provide your in-network carriers with convenient digital access to your team and company, but also to promote your company and its offerings to a much a larger carrier network. Trucker Tools’ popular driver smartphone app has been downloaded by more than 1.6 million owner operators and small to mid-sized carriers. With Broker Advantage, you have the opportunity to build your brand and reputation with those drivers and carriers that are already using the Trucker Tools app. If you make your Broker Advantage portal viewable to out of network drivers and carriers, they can learn more about your company and what you have to offer them.

With Broker Advantage, all of the loads and load tracks in the Trucker Tools mobile app include your company logo, which can help you build your brand in the carrier community, too. You have the option to custom-name your Broker Advantage portal, which can help you further build your brand with drivers and carriers, as well. To learn more about Broker Advantage, watch the Kingsgate webinar “Kingsgate’s Innovative Solution: Keeping Up With Digital Technology” on demand.

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