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August 17, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Where’s the Freight? Texarkana, New Castle, Dodge City and Tucson Hot Markets for Owner Ops and Carriers This Week

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Over the next five to seven day period, demand and rates for flatbed and reefer capacity will be high and/or rising in several U.S. markets, including Norfolk, Va., Tucson, Ariz., and Shreveport, La. You’ll notice in today’s forecast that Texarkana, Texas, ranks number one and number two in today’s Top Five Hottest Markets list for its flatbed and reefer markets, while the Huntington, W.Va., power only market is projected to see the lowest demand for capacity across the United States and Canada in the coming week. In the world of dry van, expect to see extremely low demand and rates inbound and outbound from Grand Junction, Colo., as well as declining dry van demand to/from Eastern Ontario.

Where Demand/Rates Will Be Highest or Rising This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Texarkana, Texas, once again will be very high. Demand for flatbed capacity to/from Norfolk, Va., Montgomery, Ala., and Shreveport, La., is expected to rise.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Texarkana, Texas, Dodge City, Kan., and Tucson, Ariz., are projected to be high. Demand for reefer capacity inbound to and outbound from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Texarkana, Texas, is likely to increase.
  • Power only demand and rates for New Castle, Del., likely will be elevated.

Where Freight Demand/Rates Will Be Lowest or Falling This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Fargo, N.D., and Joplin, Mo., will be very low. Flatbed demand to/from Calgary, Alberta, and Rapid City, S.D., is expected to decline.
  • Power only demand and rates for Huntington, W.Va., and Fresno, Calif., are projected to be extremely low. Power only demand to/from Boston is likely to decrease.
  • Dry van demand and rates for Grand Junction, Colo., will be low. Dry van demand for Eastern Ontario is expected to fall.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights and Industry News

  • Five Hottest Markets this week: 1. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 2. Texarkana, Texas (reefer), 3. New Castle, Del. (power only), 4. Dodge City, Kan. (reefer), and 5. Tucson, Ariz. (reefer).
  • Five Coldest Markets this week: 1. Huntington, W.Va. (power only), 2. Fargo, N.D. (flatbed), 3. Joplin, Mo. (flatbed), 4. Grand Junction, Colo. (dry van), and 5. Fresno, Calif. (power only).
  • Market To Watch: Over the next week, demand for reefer capacity to/from Texarkana, Texas, is expected to increase by 30 percent.  
  • The latest SONAR Sightings from FreightWaves names Chicago to Lexington, Ky., as a lane to watch, with freight volumes surging in and out of Lexington.
  • The U.S. average price for diesel has dropped for the eighth straight week, down 8.2 cents to $4.911/gallon.
  • The Cass Freight Index is showing truckload rates are likely to drop further in the coming weeks, as consumer spend on services and experiences outpaces spending on physical goods.

Read our previous market report, “Where’s the Freight? Texarkana, Northern Ontario, New Castle and Gary Hot Markets Over Next Week.”

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