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10 Things To Look for in a Real-Time Visibility Software

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Real-time visibility software can be a game-changer for freight brokers who want to provide a higher level of service to customers, while reducing check calls and boosting internal efficiency. Real-time visibility platforms typically use GPS technology and a mobile app to provide freight brokers like you with digital location updates. If you’re in the market for a new load tracking software or you’re thinking of digitizing your current manual load tracking system, there are certain features you should look for in visibility software to ensure you maximize your investment. 

Check out these 10 things to look for in a real-time visibility software.

1. App That Provides Value to Drivers

Don’t let the load tracking technology you choose be a barrier for drivers. Instead, choose a real-time visibility solution with a companion driver app that is useful for truckers. Trucker Tools’ free driver app includes a versatile load tracking tool, as well as 17+ other features that save truckers time and money.

2. Real-Time Location Updates Every Five Minutes

Access to real-time location data helps you stay ahead of service issues and provide accurate ETAs to your shippers. When shopping for a visibility software for your business, choose a solution that provides real-time updates every five minutes to ensure you always know where your customers’ freight is.

3. Integrates with your TMS

To boost the efficiency of your operations, opt for a real-time load tracking platform that integrates with your TMS. Integration with a TMS allows you to view real-time load tracking data right in your TMS without opening a new browser, app or computer program.

4. Geofencing for Added Automation

Another feature to look for in any load tracking technology you consider is geofencing. Geofencing allows you to set up a virtual fence around the pickup and drop-off locations to automatically prompt the driver to begin or stop digital load tracking. Geofencing can increase tracking success and save time.

5. Doc Upload for Drivers

Any visibility platform you consider also should include document upload capabilities for drivers. Doc upload via the load tracking driver app reduces paperwork for your back office folks and speeds up payments to drivers/carriers, which can strengthen relationships with both.

6. Integration with Shipper Visibility Software

Another integration that you should look for in a load tracking software is the ability to integrate with the visibility systems used by your shippers. When your load tracking platform integrates with shipper visibility software such as MacroPoint, Project44 and FourKites, you can share visibility data with your shippers instantly and automatically. 

7. ELD Integration Capabilities

Every carrier and every driver is different. Some prefer app-based load tracking, while others feel more comfortable tracking with ELDs. Be sure that the visibility software you choose has the option of ELD-based load tracking. Offering ELD tracking in addition to app-based tracking can positively impact your carrier and driver relationships.

8. Easy To Use for Drivers

It’s important to choose a real-time load tracking solution whose driver component is easy to use, as well. Drivers often are asked to download tracking apps for one-time use. Each time they have to download a new tracking app, there’s a learning curve. To achieve high tracking success rates, choose a platform with an easy-to-use driver app.

9. Proven To Reduce Check Calls

One of the primary reasons to use visibility software is to reduce or eliminate manual phone calls to drivers or dispatchers asking, “What’s your ETA?” Ask tech vendors for use cases that show their technology truly reduces check calls. After all, you don’t want to invest in a technology that doesn’t deliver what it’s supposed to.

10. Increases Efficiency

The final quality to look for in any real-time visibility software is efficiency-boosting capability. Will the tracking platform streamline your workflows and help your team work with greater efficiency or will it simply add steps to existing workflows? Search for a load tracking platform that not only increases internal efficiency, but that also provides efficiency gains to your shipper and carrier partners.

Read “Trucker Tools: The Load Tracking Tech Preferred by Drivers and Carriers” to learn more about Trucker Tools’ visibility software, which includes all 10 of the features above and much more. Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking platform

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