December 23, 2022 | TruckerTools

Employee Spotlight: Keith Munn, Trucker Tools’ Senior Sales Manager

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This Employee Spotlight blog series is dedicated to the folks who are working behind the scenes here at Trucker Tools — from members of our sales and support teams to our engineering and marketing teams. This newest blog in the series is all about Keith Munn, Trucker Tools’ Senior Sales Manager, who has been with Trucker Tools since 2018. Before he came to Trucker Tools, Keith had a 30-year career in the transportation industry. He actually came out of retirement to work for Trucker Tools. Today, Keith’s focus is on enterprise level accounts. When he’s not at work, he enjoys time with his family and going to the beach.

Name: Keith Munn

Title: Senior Sales Manager

Hometown: Hot Springs, Ark.

First Concert: The Young Rascals at Arkansas State in Jonesboro

Favorite Movie: The Godfather movies

Favorite TV Show: Yellowstone

Favorite Place: The beach

Bucket List: Hiking in Montana and the Dakotas

Favorite Type of Food: Cajun

Keith’s Work at Trucker Tools

“I’m a senior sales manager and enterprise accounts are my primary function,” Keith shared. “We have mid-size and small ones, but my primary focus is enterprise accounts that not only do I bring on board, but also nurture for up-sales.”

B.T.T. (Before Trucker Tools)

“I was actually retired when someone I used to work with years ago reached out to me about working at Trucker Tools,” Keith said. “She ran me through a demo and I loved it. I loved everything about it. Tracking is all we pretty much had at that time and we were just starting our digital freight matching. It just made so much sense and it’s a challenge for me to keep up with these kids, but it’s really been so transforming for our industry and I love it. Before that, I was in the LTL business, the truckload business, intermodal business, load boards, fuel cards and ELD. I just got tired of traveling. I traveled every week and I wasn’t going to do that anymore.”

What Keith Likes About Working at Trucker Tools

“It’s the people and the product,” Keith said. “We’ve got a great team. Kyler (Ford) leads our team and we’ve got a really good bunch of guys who all have a little bit of background with the industry. When I first was with Trucker Tools, I reported directly to Prasad (Gollapalli). I really enjoyed working with him and the whole team. Since then, it’s been really great to see the expansion of the company and everybody engaged. Kary (Jablonski) is really doing a great job in helping us all to get to know each other. I mean, I really didn’t understand the backend engineers nor the front-end engineers, but I’ve had a chance to get to know them recently and that helps us all function better.”

Keith’s Life Outside of Work

“For me, the grandkids are my number one,” Keith shared. “My wife and I also like to travel. We love the beach. I piddle around with golf every now and again and I fish, but nothing serious. I’ll probably get a little bit more serious when I officially retire again since we live on Lake Hamilton. I like fishing for crappie. I love catfish and bass and all that, but crappie is my favorite.”

Keith’s Mentor

“My all-time favorite guy that really helped me and kept me toned down in my younger life was Lawrence Berry,” Keith said. “He was the vice president of sales when I was with ABF. I was with the company for about 13 years. Lawrence would always have the sales group over to his house. He was a 6’4” gentle giant full of wisdom. I really learned a from Lawrence and he helped me a lot in my career at that time.”

“I’ve had two long stints in this industry, but the company I’ve truly loved the most is Trucker Tools — and that’s the truth. I wouldn’t still be doing this if I wasn’t having fun.”

What Keith’s Co-Workers May Not Know About Him

“I don’t really think that all of them realize that I’ve already had careers in truckload, brokerage, fuel card, intermodal and ELD,” said Keith. “I’ve run the gamut. I’ve had two long stints in this industry, but the company I’ve truly loved the most is Trucker Tools — and that’s the truth. I wouldn’t still be doing this if I wasn’t having fun. A lot of my friends kid me and ask me when I’m going to retire again. I tell them I’ll retire when I’m not having fun. I enjoy what I’m doing. I feel a little bit like Pete Rose. When he was interviewed one time, he said that he couldn’t believe he was being paid to play baseball. He said he was going to play baseball until he couldn’t play anymore. I feel a little bit like him. I love what I do and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

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