March 10, 2020 | TruckerTools

February 2020 Monthly Link Round-Up #ICYMI

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In case you missed it, our February blogs were loaded with information on how to minimize inefficiencies and maximize profits for your brokerage/3PL. Choosing load visibility and truck capacity solutions that integrate with your current TMS are crucial to streamlining your brokerage processes and upping operational efficiency. That’s why Trucker Tools is pleased to announce two new integration partners, HighJump and Teknowlogi. With these integrations, you can view Trucker Tools’ real-time capacity and load visibility data directly in the HighJump or Teknowlogi TMS, and use Trucker Tools’ automated load booking tool, Book-It-Now, saving you valuable time and resources.

In this roundup, you’ll also learn how to calculate the true cost of your visibility tool, meet your shippers’ KPIs, increase visibility compliance and use technology to remain successful in an increasingly competitive freight brokerage market. Without further ado, here’s your February 2020 Monthly Link Roundup!

Integration Partner Highlight: HighJump Transportation Software

We’re excited about this integration because it allows HighJump Prophesy TMS users to view real-time load visibility data gathered by the Trucker Tools driver app directly in Prophesy. You get real-time updates on the load’s location every five minutes, so you always have the latest ETAs. The integration between Prophesy and Trucker Tools also means you can tap into Trucker Tools’ digital capacity marketplace, which is dominated by owner-operators and smaller carriers.

Teknowlogi Expands Collaboration with Trucker Tools, Integrates Smart Capacity Predictive Freight-Matching, Book-It-Now Automated Load Booking for Carriers

Using artificial intelligence and automation is an incredibly effective way to increase the efficiency of your operations and help your brokerage work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that Teknowlogi has integrated Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform with its transportation management software. With this integration, Teknowlogi TMS users gain access to Trucker Tools’ predictive freight matching, Book-It-Now automated load booking tool and 850,000-strong carrier network.

The True Cost of Your Current Visibility Tool

The true cost of any software solution goes beyond just the purchase price. Other factors to consider are the effects the solution has on your relationships with shippers and carriers, and whether the solution actually simplifies your load tracking process. Another factor to consider when calculating your current load visibility tool’s cost is whether it actually reduces check calls.

Which Freight Visibility Tool Should I Choose?

With so many load visibility solutions on the market today, it can be difficult to find the one that best suits the needs of your brokerage. In this blog, we explore the key features and functionalities that you should look for in any load tracking solution that you may be considering. Spoiler alert: real-time visibility, carrier buy-in and check-call reduction are must-haves if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

How Much Does Trucker Tools Cost?

Cost matters when you need to maintain or increase your profit margins. The Trucker Tools driver app is free for truckers to ensure that there are as few barriers as possible for carrier adoption of our app. The cost for you to access the load tracking and truck capacity data generated by the Trucker Tools driver app is based on volume. Brokers who use our solutions typically increase load visibility, shipper customer satisfaction, truck capacity and operational efficiency significantly.

How To Improve Freight Visibility Compliance

Despite advances in technology, if you’re like most brokers/3PLs, you likely depend on manual processes like check calls to some degree for load visibility. In this blog, we detail why digital, automated load visibility is so important to your shipper customers and why increasing visibility compliance begins with carriers. Creating a positive user experience for carriers can translate into increased visibility, which allows you to better serve your shippers — and keep their business.

Talking Logistics: How Technology Helps Freight Brokers Remain Competitive In The Market

This recent webinar with LTI Delivers’ General Manager Mark Boss, Trucker Tools’ Founder/CEO Prasad Gollapalli and Talking Logistics’ President Adrian Gonzalez explores how middle market players can make informed decisions when choosing technology-based solutions. In the webinar, Boss details how small and mid-sized brokers/3PLS can leverage technology to remain competitive in the freight brokerage market. Boss also talks about why LTI Delivers chose Trucker Tools as a tech solutions partner and how using Trucker Tools’ solutions has reduced LTI Delivers’ check calls, while increasing load visibility and the company’s shipper service offerings.

Brokers: Use Your Visibility Tools of Choice

Your shippers care most about knowing where their valuable freight is at all times and when it will depart and arrive. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have no voice or choice when it comes to rolling out a load tracking app to your carrier network. Solutions like Trucker Tools’ free driver app can be directly integrated with your TMS and your shippers’ preferred visibility platform. The best part? The Trucker Tools driver app includes 17 tools and features in addition to load tracking. This all-in-one design encourages truckers to download, keep and use the Trucker Tools’ driver app, including the load tracking tool.

Meet Shippers’ Visibility Key Performance Indicators with Trucker Tools’ Carrier-Friendly Freight Tracking

American Shipper reports that 59 percent of shippers use performance metrics such as KPIs (key performance indicators) to manage their freight costs. Shippers use visibility KPIs to measure their supply chain effectiveness and your performance as a broker or 3PL. Choosing load tracking solutions that 1.) offer carriers added value beyond load tracking, 2.) provide location sharing transparency to carriers 3.) and reduce check-calls to carriers can go a long way in increasing load visibility and meeting your shippers’ visibility KPIs.

Read our January 2020 Monthly Link Roundup (need to insert link here) to discover how LTI Delivers and Schneider Transportation Management are using Trucker Tools’ load tracking and digital freight matching solutions to enhance carrier loyalty and increase efficiency. To learn more about Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity, digital freight matching services, real-time load visibility platform and innovative Book-It-Now automated load booking tool, schedule a demo.

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