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December 20, 2022 | TruckerTools

Finding Secure Truck Parking During This Holiday Season

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It’s that time of year when stores are fully stocked for the holiday season and freight volumes are typically higher than normal. It’s also the time of year that cargo thieves target parked big rigs in hope of cashing in. In 2021, companies lost more than $57 million to theft with items like computers and electronics highly coveted by organized crime rings and thieves. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2022 Retail Security Survey, most retailers say they experience cargo theft while shipments are en route from distribution centers to stores. In fact, 68 percent of retailers rank this segment of the supply chain as the most problematic in terms of theft. 

If you’re planning to take a little time off this holiday season but are worried about theft while your truck is parked, this blog is for you. Read on to find out what freight thieves are looking for and how to find secure truck parking this holiday season.

Cargo Thieves’ Favorite Targets

In recent years, organized crime rings have begun surveilling distribution centers and following trucks and their drivers as they leave distribution centers. Cargo thieves also tend to favor regions with ports, truck terminals and rail yards near large metropolitan areas. Thieves and crime rings are looking for hot ticket items that can easily be sold on the black market, which is why they often zero in on electronics including gaming consoles, laptops, computers, smart phones and tablets. Food and beverages such as fresh turkeys, alcohol, and frozen meats and seafood are typically targeted by freight thieves this time of year, as well.

Find, Book and Pay for Parking via Trucker Tools’ Free Driver App

If you’re parking your truck for a few days to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, know that there are safe parking options available. You can search for, book and pay for secure truck parking in a matter of minutes using Trucker Tools’ free driver app. All you need is the driver app and a credit card (or Apple Pay). To find secure truck parking this holiday season, open the Trucker Tools driver app, tap on Parking, and enter your destination and approximate arrival date/time. Once you enter this information, available truck parking along your route will be displayed. Tap on each parking facility to find out how many truck parking spots are available, what amenities are offered on site, how much parking costs and to learn about security feature in place at the facility. You can then secure your truck parking reservation with a credit card or Apple Pay.

Use Truck Stop Guide, Rest Area Locator To Find Free Parking 

You also can use the Truck Stop Guide in the Trucker Tools driver app to find truck parking at truck stops. Simply tap on Truck Stop Guide in the app, enter your destination or where you want to park, and your estimated arrival day and time. Tap on Confirm and all of the truck stops on your route will be displayed in the app. Tap on the Filter button and choose Parking under Amenities to search only for truck stops that offer truck parking. You can use the Rest Area locator similarly to find out if parking is available at nearby rest areas, as well. To access the Rest Area locator, tap on Rest Area in the main menu and enter your destination and ETA. Tap on each listing in the search results to see if parking is available at each rest area. 

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