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January 20, 2021 | TruckerTools

Five Driver App Tools That Save You Time (and Money)

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Since we created the first version of the Trucker Tools free app for truckers, we’ve added over a dozen new tools and features that help you save time and money on the road. From in-app cargo insurance and CDL legal protection options to reserved parking and a crowdsourced weigh scale locator, the Trucker Tools driver app has everything you need. We’ve also added more options for load tracking. You now can use your ELD to track loads for brokers who use Trucker Tools, which means fewer check calls and more time for running and making money. To learn about these features, keep on reading!

1. Loadsure Cargo Insurance

Trucker Tools has partnered with Loadsure to make it easier and more affordable to insure your loads. Thanks to an integration with Loadsure, you can add cargo insurance to spot market loads right in the Trucker Tools driver app. Filing claims with Loadsure is easy and Loadsure provides claim payments quickly. Ensuring spot market loads with Loadsure not only saves you time, but also money, as Loadsure is cheaper than most traditional cargo insurance plans.

2. TVC Pro-Driver CDL Legal Protection

Trucker Tools’ partnership with TVC Pro-Driver helps you find CDL legal protection using the Trucker Tools driver app. If you need to find a local lawyer to help you with traffic violations, simply tap on CDL Legal Protection in the driver app and you’ll be connected with an attorney from TVC Pro-Driver’s attorney provider network. TVC Pro-Driver’s attorneys have a 92 percent success rate in getting traffic violations reduced or dismissed. They can work on your behalf in the state where you received the ticket so that you don’t have to go back to the location yourself to contest it.

3. In-App Truck Parking from TruckPark

It’s no secret that finding truck parking is a major issue, especially overnight and long-term parking. That’s why Trucker Tools has joined forces with TruckPark. The integration between TruckPark’s online digital truck parking reservation system and Trucker Tools’ driver app lets you search for, reserve and pay for parking in the app. You don’t have to drive around or search multiple apps or websites to find parking. Simply enter your location or use your current location and find parking in seconds.

4. ELD-Based Load Tracking 

If you can’t or don’t want to use the Trucker Tools driver app to track broker loads, know that you have choices beyond check calls. You have the option to track loads with your ELD instead of with the Trucker Tools driver app. Trucker Tools’ broker/3PL software platforms are integrated with more than 20 different ELDs, including those made by J.J. Keller & Associates, M2M In Motion, Omnitracs and Rand McNally. It’s also easy to set up ELD freight tracking with Trucker Tools

5. Weigh Scale Finder

The weigh scale finder is one of the most popular tools in the Trucker Tools driver app. This is a crowdsourced feature, which means your fellow truckers are updating the information on weigh scales that you see in the driver app. One reason that the weigh scales finder is so popular is that it includes more than just the weigh scales at big truck stops. 

“Sometimes your major truck stops are not in the area that you’re in,” says trucker Sarah Buggs. “But these mom and pop places have CAT scales and you can find those with the Trucker Tools’ driver app.”

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