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December 13, 2022 | TruckerTools

FreightSaver Joins Trucker Tools’ New Driver Loyalty Program

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We’re excited to announce that third-party logistics provider FreightSaver has just signed onto Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program. As a participating 3PL, FreightSaver is now offering TruckerPoint rewards to drivers who track loads and book Book It Now® loads with the company through the Trucker Tools driver app. Once points have accrued, drivers can redeem the TruckerPoints they earn with FreightSaver and other participating brokers and 3PLs for free gift cards to more than 200 different U.S. retailers.

Read on to learn more about Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program and how it can benefit you as a driver, freight broker or 3PL.

Details on Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program 

Launched last month, Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program is a win for brokers, 3PLs and drivers. For drivers, the loyalty program is free and an easy way to earn gift cards to 200 plus popular U.S. retailers. To participate in the Driver Loyalty Program, simply visit the main menu in the Trucker Tools driver app, tap on Driver Loyalty Program and then tap Join. Once you join the program, you can start earning TruckerPoints for actions such as booking and tracking loads with brokers through the app. These TruckerPoints can be redeemed for gift cards to hundreds of well-known retailers, including restaurants, grocery stores, auto parts stores, streaming music services, movie theaters, gaming subscriptions, clothing stores and many others. 

For freight brokers and 3PLsour Driver Loyalty Program helps strengthen carrier/driver relationships by rewarding drivers for doing business via the Trucker Tools app. As a participating broker or 3PL, you can set custom rewards for drivers in the app to help you meet internal organizational goals. If for example your process for sourcing capacity is time-consuming and lacks automation, you could create a reward around Book It Now® loads. In this scenario, each time a driver books a Book It Now® load through the driver app, they’d earn TruckerPoints. These TruckerPoints can be redeemed for gift cards to more than 200 U.S. retailers. Participating in the loyalty program also can help make you a broker a choice and stand out from your competitors.

Earn Free TruckerPoints for Tracking, Booking FreightSaver Loads

As a participant in Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program, FreightSaver is offering TruckerPoint rewards to drivers who take specific actions in the Trucker Tools driver app. For each FreightSaver Book It Now® load you book via the Trucker Tools driver app, you’ll earn 1,000 TruckerPoints. For each FreightSaver load you successfully track with the Trucker Tools app, you can earn 100 TruckerPoints.

For the entire month of December, Trucker Tools is offering 100 TruckerPoints to drivers for each Book It Now® load booked through the Trucker Tools app, regardless of whether the broker is participating in our Driver Loyalty Program. As a driver, you can accrue TruckerPoints from multiple brokers and redeem them when you see fit.

About FreightSaver

Founded in 2014 by industry veterans Ryan Renne and Buster Schwab, FreightSaver specializes in moving customers’ shipments efficiently and with digital visibility. FreightSaver provides truckload, less than truckload, expedited shipping, specialized shipping and managed transportation services through its locations in California, Utah, Ohio and Michigan. 

To learn more about FreightSaver, visit

For more on how Trucker Tools’ new Driver Loyalty Program can help your business, visit

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