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How To Grow Your Network with the Trucker Tools/Revenova Integration

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Revenova Webinar

In a recent Trucker Tools webinar, Trucker Tools’ Founder and Chief Customer Officer Prasad Gollapalli joined Revenova’s Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer Mike Horvath for a deep dive into how the Trucker Tools-Revenova integration partnership benefits freight brokers and 3PLs like you. In the webinar, Horvath demonstrated how Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity works when integrated with Revenova’s transportation management system and detailed how the integration can streamline internal processes, drive internal efficiency and increase carrier loyalty for freight brokers.   

Check out these top highlights from the webinar!

About Revenova and Its Salesforce-Powered Infrastructure

“For anyone who doesn’t know Revenova, we are known as the CRM powered transportation management solution in the industry,” Horvath said. “Our whole focus is around helping our customers increase sales velocity, personalizing and streamlining relationships and engagements, and making better decisions — and doing that at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Most brokerages and 3PLs will tie into CRM systems through some sort of integration to manage business functions like marketing sales and advanced services. Our whole vision for the market was why not make a multimodal TMS, develop that and put it right on a CRM platform so you can eliminate one of the most crucial integrations that you need and have both application suites running simultaneous together in the same infrastructure.”

Horvath explained that Revenova’s TMS is built on the Salesforce cloud, which allows you to drive your marketing, sales and service functionality using Salesforce platform tools and/or any of the Salesforce suite of applications. When Revenova was started eight years ago, the leadership team chose Salesforce for its infrastructure because of Salesforce’s innovation and leadership in the CRM space. The strength of Salesforce’s partner developer program, along with advanced functionality, security, international capabilities and global focus have made the company a leader in CRM functionality. Horvath noted that deploying Salesforce’s world class sales, marketing and/or service applications alongside Revenova TMS requires only a simple config setting and then you’re off to the races.

Carrier Engagement Via Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity

“There’s all kinds of ways you can digitally engage your carriers, starting with recruiting them, onboarding them, and monitoring them, but also then finding carriers for available loads, getting quotes, offers and rates, and looking at trucks that might be available from carriers all the way down to settling and paying carriers,” Horvath said. “Our relationship with Trucker Tools started on the tracking side and we’ve expanded up that chain to really integrate Smart Capacity into this kind of closed-loop digital engagement capability that we offer as a TMS. With the Trucker Tools integration, we can now advertise and push out loads to carriers like we’ve always been able to do, but if the carrier’s using Trucker Tools and prefers to see loads there and quote on the Trucker Tools platform, why not push the loads to the interface that the carriers prefer. That’s the whole concept here.”

Horvath then shared his screen to demonstrate how the Smart Capacity-Revenova TMS integration works with different use case scenarios. As a Revenova TMS/Smart Capacity user, you can post all or some of your loads to Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform. Doing so makes the loads visible to owner operators and trucking companies that use Trucker Tools’ free software, which includes nearly 2 million drivers and 250,000 carriers. You may decide to set up rules where all of a lane’s or customer’s loads are automatically posted to Smart Capacity. You also have the choice to enable Book It Now® on those loads to facilitate digital booking. Smart Capacity’s sourcing searches and automatic matching algorithm can be accessed via the Revenova TMS and you can respond to load quotes and booking requests that come through Smart Capacity right within the TMS, as well. All of the above can be achieved with just a click or two of your computer mouse. 

The Power of the Revenova TMS-Smart Capacity Integration

“The integration is really powerful for our customers because it allows them to engage capacity from a new angle, but within the context of the rules that define when and where things go and how you deal with quotes and Book It Now® requests that come back,” Horvath said. “You can do that consistently across your entire carrier base and grow your capacity network with this integration. It automates what I like to call the happy path freight. When you’re confident that you can offer freight out to a carrier, you want to automate that process. This integration allows your team to work on the more complicated freight where they’re dealing with tighter markets, areas where there are capacity crunches, or where maybe you’re not getting anybody responding back. When that happens, you have to go find carriers a different way. Our customers are using Smart Capacity’s tools within the TMS and they do see their digital booking rates are increasing as a result of this — and we’re big believers in it.”

Horvath noted that the automation provided by the integration partnership allows you to automate your communications and engagements with carriers when perhaps you have low staffing or an overnight shift. The ability to customize rule sets lets you decide if and when you automate carrier engagement, providing you with the flexibility to use the technology in the way that works best for your business at any given time. Horvath also noted that the training required to use the integrated platforms is minimal. 

“The training is literally virtually zero for our customers,” Horvath shared. “You turn it on, the features appear, and you set up your rules or do it manually. It’s a very, very short slide to go from signing a contract with Trucker Tools and tying it into our TMS. Literally within a half a day, you could be up and running.”

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