August 11, 2021 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Amous TMS

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Software integrations offer increased productivity, the ability to provide better service to shippers and more opportunities to secure capacity faster. Trucker Tools new integration partnership with Amous International puts all the information that operations teams need in one interface, thereby empowering them to make better decisions faster. With the full stack integration between the Amous transportation management system and Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform, digital freight matching and Book-It-Now®, you can reduce or eliminate check calls, streamline employee workflows, reduce your cost per load and potentially increase load volume.

About Amous International, Amous TMS

Amous International provides software solutions to small and medium-sized logistics companies, fleets and shippers. Amous International’s transportation management system for brokers and logistics providers is a customizable, cloud based TMS that helps you better organize your carriers, customers, office locations and human resources. With the Amous TMS, you can manage shipper and carriers, partnerships, email, user roles and permissions, integrations, audit logs, dispatch, accounting and loads in a single, easy to use interface. The TMS also offers a customer rating engine, analytics, reporting and document storage capabilities that help you streamline tasks for employees and gain a better understanding of your operations. The Amous TMS customer portal provides shippers with convenient access to the status of their loads and an efficient means for them to communicate with the Amous International support team.

Amous TMS/Trucker Tools’ Freight Tracking Integration Offers Continuous Visibility, Increased Efficiency and Faster Resolution of Exceptions

The integration between the Amous TMS and Trucker Tools’ visibility platform allows you to view Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking information in the TMS without opening another software program or browser. The Trucker Tools driver app leverages the GPS technology native to the trucker’s smart phone to provide you with real-time load location updates every five to fifteen minutes. With continuous real-time visibility, you can address service issues and exceptions in real-time as they occur. Brokers and 3PLs who implement Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform typically reduce check calls significantly and can meet or surpass shippers’ visibility requirements

Thanks to the 17+ other tools included in the Trucker Tools app and the transparency of the app’s load tracking tool, drivers often are more willing to use the app for load tracking than they are other visibility technologies. Trucker Tools’ load tracking software also notably integrates with shipper visibility platforms MacroPoint, Project44, 10/4 and FourKites so that you can push Trucker Tools freight visibility data into your shipper’s preferred software platform.

Cover Loads Faster, Increase Carrier Utilization and Reduce Costs with Integrated Digital Freight Matching

The integration between the Amous TMS and the Trucker Tools digital freight matching platform adds another layer of efficiency to your operations. Thanks to the integration, you can search for capacity within Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform using the Amous TMS. The integration lets you search for carrier capacity based on carrier name, lane, date, type of equipment and/or weight. Instead of logging onto a traditional load board, sending emails to dispatchers or making phone calls to carriers to inquire about available capacity, you can search for and locate trucks in a matter of seconds. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform and the Amous TMS, it’s also easy and efficient to offer carriers reloads and repeat loads in a single communication, which helps you reduce the costs associated with onboarding new carriers. 

The integration with Trucker Tools’ Book-It-Now® allows carriers from your preferred network to book your loads digitally via the Trucker Tools driver app or Trucker Tools’ free carrier dispatcher software. Book-It-Now® empowers dispatchers and drivers to proactively search for and book your loads, which reduces the time and resources required to finalize load bookings. Book-It-Now® gives carriers access to your loads any time, which means they can search for, view and book your loads at times that are convenient for them — not just when your office is open. When a carrier books one of your Book-It-Now® loads, the appointment is automatically scheduled in the Amous TMS and the driver/dispatcher receives an automated email message confirming the load booking. 

To learn more about Amous International and the Amous TMS, visit

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