April 23, 2021 | TruckerTools

The One-Two Punch: Why Digital Load Tracking and Freight Matching Are Both Must-Haves for Brokers and 3PLs

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According to a Gartner survey conducted in 2020 when disruptions to the supply chain were at their peak, 75 percent of organizations reported that their supply chains were disrupted, yet 44 percent of supply chain organizations reported having no strategy in place to deal with disruptions in the future. One of the big takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic and the events of the last 12 months is that the use of well-designed technology is required if companies want to be insulated from future tumultuous markets and an unpredictable world economy.

Within the world of freight brokerage and logistics, there are two transformative technologies that offer the highest return on investment: real-time freight tracking and digital freight matching. Together, these two technologies increase operational efficiency, make it easier and faster to find and secure capacity, increase productivity for shippers and carriers, and provide the competitive edge that you’ll need to thrive today and in the future.

Digital Load Tracking: How It Works, Why It Matters

Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking platform uses the GPS technology in the trucker’s smart phone and Trucker Tools’ free driver app to provide you as the broker/3PL with real-time digital load tracking. Instead of picking up the phone to call a trucker or carrier dispatcher, you instantly can view the location of the load at your desk on your computer screen. The platform pings the trucker’s smart phone for location updates every five to 15 minutes, depending on your preference, so that you have continual, digital visibility of the load. 

The value of real-time visibility can’t be overstated. Today’s shippers seek out brokers and 3PLs who use digital freight tracking systems because this tech gives them the ability to react quickly to volatility, while still meeting their customers’ expectations. In addition to meeting the evolving needs of shippers, real-time freight tracking helps you run your broker/3PL business with greater efficiency. The supply chain companies that use Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking often reduce or eliminate check-calls entirely. When you spend less time tracking loads by phone and more time on revenue-generating activities such as booking loads, you can increase your load volume and grow your business without a substantial increase in overhead. 

Digital Freight Matching: How It Works, Why It Matters

Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching uses machine learning and process algorithms to instantly match your loads with the best trucks from your customized network of preferred carriers. This matching process takes seconds, displaying the best matches at the top of the results list so that you can quickly secure the capacity and move onto the next load. Digital freight matching technology also makes it fast and simple for you to offer reloads to carriers, thereby increasing your carrier utilization rate and reducing the time and costs associated with onboarding a new carrier every time you need to cover a load.  

With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform, you can easily expand your carrier networks and introduce your company to carriers with whom you haven’t yet worked. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform gives you the opportunity to tap into the 145,000 carriers and 1.2 million drivers who use Trucker Tools’ driver/carrier technology. In the current capacity crunch, it’s vital to be able to access additional capacity on demand, which is possible with Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching. Like real-time digital visibility, digital freight matching also reduces or even eliminates manual tasks, including load board postings, phone calls to carriers and mass emails to carriers. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching frees up your resources and gives you the time and opportunities to move more volume. 

The Combined Impact of Digital Load Tracking and Freight Matching 

Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking and digital freight matching platforms together are the comprehensive digital platform for the brokerage/3PL of the future. With digital load tracking and digital freight matching, you can increase the level of service you provide to shippers, while giving them the agility they need to make better decisions quickly regarding their resources, productivity, staffing and partnerships. These two technologies also give you the tools you need to better withstand market disruptions, reduce your cost per load, increase freight volume and expand your carrier networks as needed. Both digital load tracking and freight matching increase productivity for carriers and drivers, as well. 

Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking and digital freight matching platforms notably integrate with the most popular transportation management systems in use today. As a result, you can view all of Trucker Tools’ freight tracking and matching data in your TMS on a desktop computer. Putting all of the information that you need in one place allows you to streamline workflows, make better decisions faster about your own operations, and react in real-time to any disruptions or problems as they occur. 

To find out why you shouldn’t wait on implementing these technologies, read The Clock Is Ticking: Why Now Is the Time To Embrace Technology.

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