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March 25, 2021 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: EROAD ELD

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Trucker Tools’ partnerships with leading technology companies are focused on providing convenience, ease of use and reliability — for truckers, carriers, brokers and logistics companies. Our new partnership with EROAD does exactly that, offering you another option for digitally tracking freight with Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools’ partnership with EROAD allows you to view EROAD ELD location data in Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform if you’re a broker or 3PL, or in Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform if you’re a trucking company.   


EROAD was founded in 2000 in New Zealand and today offers reliable, user-friendly fleet management, camera and Electronic Logging Device solutions to fleets and drivers across the globe. The EROAD ELD is held in particularly high regard within the trucking industry because it’s a hard-wired, intuitive and easy to use device. EROAD’s ELD  stores and sends encrypted HOS-related data including distance, location and route information via cellular networks. Truckers who use EROAD’s ELD don’t have to worry about Bluetooth connectivity problems, which are common with many Bluetooth-enabled ELDs. Instead, truckers can focus on driving and earning revenue. 

The EROAD ELD is an FMCSA registered, third-party verified ELD that is secure, reliable and accurate. The device is energy efficient and you can get it up and running quickly. Rather than being a painful part of the job, compliance with regulations and management of your logs can be simplified with EROAD’s ELD. EROAD’s focus on service means members of the company’s support team will be there when and if you need them. 

EROAD ELD Integration with Trucker Tools Load Tracking

The integration between the EROAD ELD and Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform allows truckers and carriers to use their EROAD ELDs for real-time load tracking purposes with the Trucker Tools platform. Brokers and logistics providers who use Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform and fleets that use Trucker Tools’ carrier platform can view the EROAD ELD’s location data directly in the Trucker Tools interface. The ability to quickly view the real-time location of trucks allows carrier dispatchers, brokers and 3PLs to stay ahead of service issues and to share accurate ETAs with customers and partners. 

As a broker or 3PL, you also have the option to integrate Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform with your transportation management system or with your shippers’ preferred visibility software. Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform integrates with the most popular TMSs in use today. Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform also integrates with shipper visibility platforms FourKites, MacroPoint, Project44, 10/4. These integration capabilities help you simplify workflows for your team members and instantly share digital load tracking data with shippers. 

Move More Loads with Digital Freight Matching

Digital freight matching technology quickly matches trucks with loads, reducing or eliminating the need for multiple phone calls and emails back and forth between brokers/3PLs and carriers regarding available capacity. When you reduce the time required to find truck capacity or book a load, you have more time for moving more freight volume.

As a broker, you can quickly see what capacity is available from your customized list of preferred carriers. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform shows you the best matches at the top of the matching results list, which means you’re never scrolling through pages of results to find capacity. You can quickly find and secure capacity and move onto the next load. Covering loads takes minutes, not hours with digital freight matching. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching also makes it easy for you to offer carriers reloads in a single communication, thereby boosting carrier utilization and reducing your cost per load.

If you’re a carrier, you can easily see what loads are available from your favorite brokers without ever picking up the phone or logging onto a load board. You can view brokers’ open loads 24 hours/day and seven days/week through the Trucker Tools driver app or free software platform for fleets. You even can submit rate quotes or book broker loads directly through the driver app or carrier platform. 

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If you’re a broker/logistics provider, schedule a demo of Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform, digital freight matching and Book-It-Now® today.

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