May 23, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Integration Partner Highlight: EZ Loader TMS

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Being able to access data in real-time can be the difference-maker when it comes to elevating your shipper service, growing your profit margins and reducing costs. That’s why Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity software platform integrates with the leading technologies used by freight brokerage and logistics businesses like yours. We’re excited to announced that our latest integration partnership is with EZ Loader Transportation Management System, a TMS that’s built to streamline your operations and improve your internal decision-making. Trucker Tools’ integration partnership with EZ Loader TMS brings the power of Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility, digital freight matching and carrier relationship management capabilities into the TMS’ interface, ensuring your team can access the data they need in real-time.

About EZ Loader TMS

EZ Loader TMS is a cloud-based system build on artificial intelligence, automation, digitization of manual processes and powerful built-in portals. The AI technology included with EZ Loader eliminates tedious tasks for your team, brings efficiency to your day-to-day operations and streamlines internal workflows. EZ Loader TMS’ digital features help your team members work and process orders quickly, while reducing manual paperwork and automating load tenders and rate confirmations. Automated batch invoicing and custom scheduling reduce the burden on your back office staff and ensure that invoices are sent out promptly.

EZ Loader’s easy-to-navigate interface can be used by both your sales and operations teams to manage sales funnels and customer relationships. The TMS’ customer portal provides shippers with a web-based branded portal through which they can monitor loads, review load history and analyze their loads. EZ Loader’s built-in LTL portal allows your team to rate, build and dispatch loads directly to your LTL carriers. You also can give your LTL shippers access to the LTL portal to further boost productivity and enhance service levels.

Real-Time Visibility That Delivers

The integration partnership between EZ Loader TMS and the real-time visibility component of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity allows your team to view real-time visibility data generated by the Trucker Tools driver app directly in the TMS interface. Thanks to the integration, your team won’t need to launch a separate program or open another screen to view the location of loads in real-time. The integration with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity and driver app provides real-time load location updates every five to 15 minutes, depending on your preference. Freight brokers and logistics providers that use Trucker Tools’ real-time load tracking often are able to meet or surpass the visibility KPIs of even the largest shippers.

Gain Greater Efficiency, Improve Your Bottom Line with Digital Freight Matching and Book It Now®

The integration between Trucker Tools and EZ Loader also includes the digital freight matching component of Smart Capacity. Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching technology matches your uncovered loads with available in-network and out-of-network capacity. Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching is built on the real-time exchange of data between brokers and 3PLs on the platform and the owner operators and carriers who use Trucker Tools’ free driver app and free carrier software platform. To date, the Trucker Tools app has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times and the carrier software platform is actively used by more than 195,000 small and mid-sized carriers. With this real-time exchange of data, your team can locate and secure capacity faster without wasting time pursuing capacity that has already been booked by another broker, which often happens when you use load boards to source capacity. The integration with EZ Loader lets your team search for capacity from Trucker Tools’ network directly in the TMS interface.

The integration partnership will also soon include Trucker Tools’ Book It Now®, as well. When you post a load as a Book It Now® load to Smart Capacity via the EZ Loader TMS, you will give owner operators the ability to book the load digitally at your listed rate through the Trucker Tools driver app and carriers the ability to book the load via Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform. Using Book It Now® together with EZ Loader simplifies the rate negotiation process, can boost your operational efficiency significantly and free up your employees’ time to move additional freight volume.

Build and Manage Carrier Relationships in EZ Loader TMS

Smart Capacity includes a powerful carrier relationship management component that makes it easy for your team to book loads, reloads and repeat loads with owner operators and carriers often in a single conversation or email exchange. With the integration partnership between Trucker Tools and EZ Loader, you can leverage Smart Capacity’s carrier relationship management capabilities right within the EZ Loader interface. Your carrier sales team can search for capacity from among a customized list of carriers first before searching the general market for trucks. This capability allows you to foster relationships with specific carriers for the long-term, moving beyond the typical transactional approach of traditional capacity sourcing methods.

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