January 10, 2023 | TruckerTools

Kick Off 2023 Right by Partnering with Trucker Tools for Real-Time Visibility

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Shippers now require real-time digital freight visibility from freight brokerages and logistics companies that want their business. Despite the importance that shippers place on real-time visibility, only one in five report that they have access to real-time visibility data across all modes of transportation. 

If you want to start off this new year on the right foot, consider choosing Trucker Tools as your real-time visibility provider in 2023. Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform provides real-time, digital location updates every five minutes. Many brokers and 3PLs that use Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform are able to meet or even surpass shipper visibility minimums and often earn high marks on shipper visibility score cards.

Freight Visibility: Still Shippers’ #1 Ask

Freight visibility is still at the top of most shippers’ wish lists in 2023. When they have access to real-time shipment location information while it’s in transit on a truck, shippers can run their operations with greater efficiency. Perhaps more importantly, though, real-time digital freight visibility allows shippers to better meet their own customers’ needs and provide them with accurate ETAs. 

If you want to become an attractive prospective partner to shippers, you must be able to provide the real-time, digital load tracking data that they require and expect. With Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility software platform, you automatically receive location updates on each load every five minutes. Our load tracking platform also integrates with shipper visibility platforms MacroPoint, Project44 and FourKites. This integration capability allows you to share freight tracking data automatically and instantaneously with shippers in real-time.

ELD and App-Based Load Tracking: 93 Percent Tracking Success

“If you build it, they will come” may apply to baseball diamonds in corn fields in movies, but it doesn’t necessarily apply to load tracking technology. Not all load tracking software platforms are created equally and just because you’ve invested in a real-time tracking technology doesn’t mean that carriers and drivers are necessarily going to embrace using it. It’s no secret that the most significant barrier to greater digital freight visibility for most brokers usually is carrier compliance.

The good news is that freight brokers and logistics providers who use Trucker Tools’ app and ELD-based load tracking achieve on average 93 percent tracking success. That means they typically have start to finish, continuous real-time visibility of their freight 93 percent of the time. The value that our free all in one driver app provides to drivers and carriers and the quality of our ELD integration partnerships are responsible for that high 93 percent tracking success average. 

Easy Implementation and Thorough Training

“I was involved with the implementation of Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform and to be honest, it was pretty easy,” Loadsmith Business Analyst Catharine Keown said in a recent interview. “Trucker Tools has a lot of great resources and offered some really great training for our team, too. The training was really helpful for our carrier reps because they didn’t need to go into the system and try to figure it out for themselves. I have only positive things to say about the implementation process.”

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