April 13, 2022 | TruckerTools

Optimize Your Trucking Business for Efficiency with Trucker Tools’ Free Carrier Platform

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Being efficient isn’t just for the big trucking companies. For small and mid-sized carriers like you, operating more efficiently can mean the difference between an average year and a good one. Trucker Tools’ free software platform for carriers can be a game-changer for dispatchers exactly because it saves time. With our web-based platform, you can find loads and reloads quickly, book loads in real-time online and send brokers digital quotes through the platform. That time saved can be used to provide a deeper level of customer service to your current customers and to cultivate new business.

Find Loads with Your Favorite Brokers Faster

As a user of Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform, you can search for loads from your favorite brokers with a few clicks of a computer mouse. More than 300 of the most popular freight brokers and third party logistics companies in the United States and Canada post their loads to the Trucker Tools platform. You can search for their loads by lane, date, reload opportunities, and type of freight (reefer, dry van, flatbed, power only, auto carrier). Each load listed in your search results includes the name of the broker, lane, pickup/drop off information, load type, weight and number of miles. You have the option to either call the broker at the number listed on the load to discuss the rate or you can send a one-click digital rate quote to the broker through the platform.

No Already-Taken or Phantom Loads

We get asked a lot whether our carrier platform is a load board and the answer is no, it is not. Trucker Tools’ carrier platform uses real-time digital freight matching technology to match carriers like you looking for loads with brokers looking for truck capacity. (Note that you may need to request access to a broker’s loads in order to see them in your search results.) The real-time exchange of data between carriers like you and brokers on our technology platform means that you won’t be quoting on, booking or calling a broker about a load that has already been taken by another fleet. It’s also worth noting that because the broker’s software is integrated with Trucker Tools’ platform, when a load is booked in the broker’s software, it’s automatically removed from the carrier platform’s search results. That means no phantom loads.

Book Backhauls with Ease

Backhaul loads/reloads are included on each load that you see in your load search results in the carrier platform, which can be a major time-saver. If you click on RELOADS, you’ll be shown all the available backhaul choices for the load, sorted automatically by distance from your search location. With both loads and reloads, you have the option to sort search results by best match or pickup date and time. You can send an instant rate quote on a backhaul to a broker just like you can with any other load — simply click on QUOTE and you’ll send an instant rate quote to the broker. Imagine booking a load and a backhaul in a few minutes without needing to pick up the phone or use a load board!

Book It Now®: Freight with Rates and Web-Based Load Booking

Some brokers and 3PLs use Book It Now®, which gives you the ability to book the broker’s loads immediately through Trucker Tools’ carrier platform. All Book It Now® loads include the broker’s preferred rate. To book the load with the broker at their listed rate, simply click on BOOK-IT. Once you book the load in the platform, you’ll receive an email confirmation on the load, as well as suggestions for reloads and future loads. Your Book It Now® load is automatically recorded in the broker’s transportation management software, which means you don’t have to call anyone to book and confirm the load. You also have the option to send the broker an alternate rate quote on Book It Now® loads.  

To learn more about our free software for fleets, read “10 Can’t-Live-Without Features in Trucker Tools’ New Carrier Platform.”

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