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February 15, 2021 | TruckerTools

Rapid City, Tucson, Austin and Cheyenne — Best Markets for Truckers This Week

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In Today’s Trucker Tools Market Index Report, you’ll see that demand for flatbed will continue to be elevated over the next week. In fact, the Trucker Tools Market Index shows that four of the five hottest markets in the coming week will be flatbed markets, reflecting a nation-wide surge in demand for flatbed. It’s no huge surprise that Tucson, Ariz., will remain the best market for refrigerated trucks in the country in the next five to seven days. This is the 11th week in a row that Tucson, Ariz., has been named the best reefer market in the country for truckers. 

FreightWaves reported on Saturday that national freight volumes are 19 percent higher than they were at this time last year. Retail sales were up four and a half percent in January, reflecting strong consumer spending. 

Hot Markets To Target

  • Demand for flatbed in the coming week is projected to be high for Rapid City, S.D., Cheyenne, Wyo., Southwest Ontario and Portland, Maine. Demand for flatbed capacity in and out of Dodge City, Kan., will be rising this week.
  • Expect Tucson, Ariz., to be the best reefer market in the country over the next five to seven days. Demand for reefercapacity will be increasing this week for South Bend, Ind. 
  • Today’s Market Index shows that demand for power only will increase over the next five to seven days for Austin, Texas.

Cold Markets To Avoid

  • Expect low demand for flatbed capacity in the coming week in and out of Stockton, Calif., and Washington D.C. Flatbed rates and demand are expected to fall this week for Fayetteville, Ark., Twin Falls, Idaho, and Montgomery, Ala.
  • Reefer rates are projectedto be low over the next five to seven days for Rapid City, S.D., Reno, Nev., and Hartford, Conn.
  • Demand for power only capacity in and out of Tulsa, Okla., will decline this week.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights

  • Demand for power only capacity in and out of Austin, Texas, is approximately four times as high as it was at this time last year.
  • If you’re running flatbed into the Cheyenne, Wyo., market this week, expect outbound demand and rates to be higher than inbound rates.
  • Residential construction is driving some of the high demand for flatbed capacity across U.S. markets. 
  • Known as “the crossroads of America,” Indiana has more intersecting highways than any other state in the country.
  • 80 percent of the country’s population is within a one-day drive from Indiana.

FreightWaves Insights

We’re teaming up with FreightWaves to provide you with more information and insights about where demand for freight is up and where it’s down. In today’s Daily Market Update, FreightWaves reports that outbound tender rejections, which measure demand, are up for Charlotte, N.C., Columbus, Ohio, Kansas City, Mo., and Detroit. Outbound tender rejections have decreased for Chicago, Indianapolis, Elizabeth, N.J., Dallas and Harrisburg, Penn. The markets with the highest volumes of freight include Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, Allentown, Penn., and Memphis, Tenn.

To learn about other hot and cold markets, read our previous Market Index Report, Where Demand for Trucks Will Be Increasing: Mobile, Tucson, Rapid City and Central Ontario.

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