October 27, 2022 | TruckerTools

The Power of One: How a Single Technology for Freight Tracking, Matching and Booking Benefits Brokers

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As a freight broker, you may use 10 or more different software programs or platforms in your daily work as you source capacity, manage carrier relationships and support your shippers. Every time you must log into a new program, switch to a new browser or open another window on your desktop, you lose valuable timethat when totaled up at the end of the day can be significant. Rather than using three separate software platforms for freight tracking, matching and booking, consider instead a single platform that includes load tracking, matching and booking capabilities. Platforms that include real-time visibility capabilities, digital load matching and Book It Now® ultimately increase efficiency, lower operating costs, and positively impact your carrier and customer relationships.

Increased Efficiency, Lower Operating Costs

Software platforms such as Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity reduce the time you spend flipping between different programs and browsers throughout your workday. Instead of switching back and forth between three different software programs to source capacity, track loads and negotiate loads, you can use one platform for all of the above. Smart Capacity can be integrated with your transportation management system, as well, bringing real-time load tracking, matching and booking into your current TMS. 

When you can source capacity, finalize carrier bookings and track loads in one platform, you work with greater efficiency. If you work on commission, that can mean more loads booked and a bigger paycheck. A single tech platform also benefits the owners of the brokerage at which you work. Greater efficiency reduces the average cost per load for the brokerage and can increase net revenue.

Higher Service Levels

When you can quickly access the information you need without waiting for a program to load or completing the task manually, you can provide a higher level of service to your customers. Platforms like Smart Capacity provide you with real-time visibility of freight, from the time the trucker picks up the load until it’s delivered. Instead of calling the carrier dispatcher or driver to find out what the ETA is, you can view the real-time location of the load and truck in seconds with a click of your mouse. As a result, you can address delays as they occur and boost your shipper service game. Smart Capacity also integrates with shipper visibility software platforms MacroPoint, FourKites and Project44. This integration capability lets you share real-time visibility data with customers automatically.

A single platform such as Smart Capacity helps you source capacity faster and locate capacity for difficult to cover lanes on behalf of your shippers. Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching algorithm automatically matches your open loads with available in-network and out-of-network capacity in a matter of seconds. With digital freight matching, only truly available trucks appear in your search results — and the same can’t be said for load boards. Additional tools such as Book It Now® also help you cover your shippers faster and further increase your productivity.

Better Experience for Carriers

One often-repeated myth in the logistics business is that carriers and truckers don’t want to use technology. However, that just isn’t true. Surveys and studies reveal that most drivers and fleets are quite tech savvy. What they tend to oppose is using technology that isn’t efficient, doesn’t work or that can only be used once. Trucker Tools’ free driver app and carrier platform (the companion technology to Smart Capacity) can be used with multiple brokers and 3PLs for both tracking and booking loads. They can use a single technology platform to interact with multiple brokers, which is a time-saver.  

Platforms like Smart Capacity also reduce the number of manual phone calls and email messages that owner operators and carriers have to read and respond to. For example, instead of calling several carriers to ask if they have capacity for your load and to talk price, you can quickly locate an available truck in Smart Capacity and send the carrier/driver a message through the platform with a few clicks. Digitizing your communications with carriers helps them run more efficiently and makes you a more attractive long-term partner

Don’t miss “Trucker Tools’ Best In Class Visibility: Providing Drivers and Brokers With Multiple Load Tracking Options.” Schedule a free demo of Smart Capacity, including real-time load tracking, digital freight matching and Book It Now®.

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