October 4, 2022 | TruckerTools

New Carrier Survey: Five Takeaways for Freight Brokers and 3PLs

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Here at Trucker Tools, we’ve long believed that the best way to find out what truckers need and want is to ask them directly, which is why we survey users of our free app and free carrier software platform several times each year. Most recently we surveyed carriers about how they use technology to find and book freight. More than 150 carriers and carrier representatives responded to our survey, providing valuable insight into how they use technology on a daily basis. 

Read on to learn more about the survey and the key takeaways for freight brokers and 3PLs

About the Survey and Who Responded

Of those that responded to our survey, 86 percent identified themselves as carrier owners and 12 percent as carrier dispatchers. Also notable is that 92 percent of those who responded to the survey book loads for 10 trucks or fewer, which means most of the folks who answered the survey represent small trucking companies. When we asked how many loads each respondent had booked over the previous 60 days, 45 percent reported booking between 11 and 30 loads. Nearly 46 percent told us they’d booked 31 loads or more in the past 60 days.

1. Most Digital Load Booking Takes 10 Minutes or Less

In the survey, we asked carriers if they use digital load booking platforms and if so, how long it takes them to book a load digitally. Of those who use digital load booking technology54 percent reported that it takes them less than 10 minutes to book a load digitally, 31 percent between 11 and 20 minutes, and 15 percent between 21 and 31 minutes or more to book a load online or through apps. 

2. 72 Percent of Carriers Pay for Access to Loads

We also asked carriers, “Do you pay a monthly subscription fee for access to tools that help you find and book loads?” Most of those carriers we surveyed — 72 percent — reported that they pay for access to loads and booking tools. At a time when operating expenses are at all-time highs, every dollar impacts a carrier’s bottom line.

3. 79 Percent of Carriers Pay $30+ Monthly for Load Board Access

In answer to the question of how much do carriers pay for load board access, 79 percent of those we surveyed who pay for load board access say they pay more than $30 each month. In the comments section of this question, some carriers reported paying $125, $150 and $170 each month just to access load boards.  

4. Trucker Tools Helps Carriers Book More Freight

Of those who use Trucker Tools’ free software platform for carriers, 58 percent reported that they’ve been able to book between one and five more loads each month with Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform. Twenty-three percent of carriers told us they’re able to book between six and 10 more loads with Trucker Tools’ free tech, while 20 percent reported booking between 11 and 16 or more loads each month with Trucker Tools. 

5. Carriers Want Rate Intelligence Baked Into Their Tech

At the end of each and every survey we send to drivers and carriers, we ask about any new features our survey-takers would like to see in the future. In answer to this question on this particular survey, several carriers stated that they’d like to see data on rates for specific lanes, markets and types of loads in the technology that they use. The good news is that here at Trucker Tools, we’re soon launching a new rate intelligence feature for our driver app, carrier software platform and Smart Capacity broker platform

Be sure to read “Simply Offers and Negotiations with Digital Freight Matching.” Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform

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