February 14, 2023 | TruckerTools

The Role of ELDs in Real-time Freight Visibility

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Over the last two years, ELD-based load tracking has become an option that some carriers and drivers prefer over manual check calls or even app-based tracking technology. As a freight broker, it’s important to adjust your approach to load tracking as driver and carrier preferences evolve. In today’s market, offering ELD-based load tracking as an additional tracking option for carriers and drivers can increase visibility compliance, boost tracking success rates and even improve your relationships with drivers and carriers — all while helping you meet even the strictest shipper visibility requirements.

ELD Tracking: Set It and Forget It

In a recent webinar with FreightWaves, Trucker Tools’ C.E.O. explained why ELD-based load tracking’s popularity has grown so much over the course of the last one to two years. 

ELD load tracking is completely hands off for the driver, as opposed to an old school track and trace call or even mobile app tracking,” said Trucker Tools’ C.E.O. Kary Jablonski. “As a driver, once you set that ELD to send a track to a broker, you can forget it. You don’t have to ever touch it again, so that’s safe. You also have very few concerns about mobile data connectivity because the ELD is connected via GPS. The GPS connection means it doesn’t matter where you’re driving, which part of the country you’re in and which carrier you’re on, you’re always going to have connectivity through GPS and not have to worry about dropping coverage.” 

Some trucking companies also may have policies in place that forbid drivers from using their mobile phones when transporting a load. Other carriers and drivers simply prefer tracking with ELD over tracking with an app or other type of technology. 

ELD + App-Based Tracking=A Winning Combination

Load tracking software platforms like Trucker Tools’ integrate with nearly 100 of the most popular ELDs used by carriers and drivers. Users of Trucker Tools’ visibility platform who offer both app- and ELD-based load tracking to carriers and drivers and follow tracking best practices achieve on average a tracking success rate of 93 percent. That translates into real-time start to finish visibility on 93 percent of loads tracked, a rate that satisfies even the highest shipper visibility KPI requirements. With such high visibility compliance, you can address delays as they occur in real-time, which boosts service levels and can help make you a broker or 3PL of choice among shippers. Offering multiple ways to track loads also can improve relationships with carriers and drivers. 

ELD Tracking Set Up: Easy and Pain-Free

Setting up a driver or carrier to track using ELD is easy to do. Trucker Tools’ visibility platform already integrates with nearly 100 popular ELDs, but if you need to set up a new ELD integration that isn’t already in place you have multiple avenues by which you can do so. You may opt to invite a carrier or driver to set up ELD-tracking by sending an email to the carrier/driver with a link to Trucker Tools’ ELD onboarding web page, sending drivers/carriers to Trucker Tools’ ELD setup request form or having the carrier/driver contact Trucker Tools directly. Once your request is received, Trucker Tools’ ELD team will facilitate the integration with the ELD manufacturer and notify you when it’s complete.   

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