September 29, 2021 | TruckerTools

Three Benefits of Using Trucker Tools’ Platform To Manage Carrier Relationships

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Trucker Tools’ comprehensive digital software platform contains all the technology-based tools you need to create a self-sustaining logistics business for today and the future. From real-time load tracking and automated load booking to carrier management and digital freight matching, our platform can be used to manage nearly every facet of your operations, while providing benefits to your carrier and shipper partners.

With no end in sight to the current capacity crunch, it’s crucial to be able to manage carrier relationships effectively to ensure you have the capacity available to meet your customers’ needs. One of the greatest competitive advantages offered by Trucker Tools’ digital platform for brokers/3PLs is its digital freight matching technology. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching, you can quickly search for available capacity from within your own customized list of preferred carriers or from a list of carriers that you’ve already onboarded. These capabilities allow you to reduce new carrier onboardings and cover loads faster, which increases profit margins and helps you meet your shippers’ capacity needs faster. You also can use Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching to forge new relationships with carriers and tap into out-of-network capacity when you need it.

Read on to learn more about three benefits of using Trucker Tools’ platform to manage carrier relationships.

1. Easy To Re-Use Carriers That Have Already Been Onboarded

Trucker Tools recently polled freight brokers/logistics providers like you to find out how you use technology to manage your relationships with carriers and to secure capacity. According to our survey results, 60 percent of brokers and 3PLs use manual load board postings, phone calls or emails to source capacity and it takes 80 percent of brokers/3PLs 30 minutes to two hours or more to secure capacity for a load. Most of the folks who answered our survey were from small to medium sized brokerages/companies, yet 80 percent reported onboarding as many as 500 new carriers each month. Even though onboarding one carrier doesn’t take very long, when you’re onboarding 100 or more each month, that time adds up. 

The digital freight matching technology included in Trucker Tools’ platform allows you to search quickly for available capacity from carriers that have already been onboarded with your company. Sourcing capacity from already onboarded carriers is good business because it ultimately reduces the cost of covering a load by reducing the time required to cover that load. Instead of posting your load to multiple load boards and then onboarding a new carrier to cover a single load, you can search for capacity with already-onboarded carriers in seconds. Re-using carriers does more than just reduce your operating costs. It also helps you build longer-term relationships with carriers, which will sustain your business in the long-run.

2. Overhead Cost Reduction

Another benefit of using Trucker Tools’ platform to manage carrier relationships is cost-savings. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology, you can view all of your capacity options in one digital place without ever picking up the phone, sending an email or using a load board. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology aggregates all of your capacity data and makes it viewable and searchable in one digital place. You even can view capacity information that carriers email to you within Trucker Tools’ platform. 

If you locate and secure capacity at a faster rate, you ultimately reduce the time and resources associated with covering a load, which lowers your costs and increases your profit margins. Digital freight matching essentially allows you to “do more” with your current resources and staffing. If, for example, it takes 10 minutes instead of 60 minutes for you to locate and secure capacity on each load with digital freight matching, you gain the opportunity to increase load volume without increasing your overhead costs. In essence, you can use the time-savings that digital freight matching technology provides to grow your book of business without increasing your expenses.

3. Access to 165,000+ Carriers on Trucker Tools’ Platform

The third benefit of using Trucker Tools’ platform to manage carrier relationships is that it allows you to build new relationships with new carriers when you need to expand your capacity options. In addition to using Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology to locate capacity with in-network or already-onboarded carriers, you can use the platform to search for out-of-network capacity. Did you know that there currently are 165,000+ carriers who are already on Trucker Tools’ software platform? It’s true, and most of them are small carriers running fewer than 10 trucks, a segment of the capacity market that often is untapped. 

Once you’ve exhausted your in-network or already-onboarded capacity options, use Trucker Tools’ platform to search for specific types of capacity on specific dates and in specific lanes from among the 165,000+ carriers who are using Trucker Tools’ platform. The ability to search digitally for out-of-network capacity from among more than 165,000 carriers gives you a major advantage over your competitors. Thanks to the GPS-based insights provided by Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology and mobile app, before you call an out-of-network carrier, you already have a good idea of whether the carrier is likely to have capacity available when you need it. These insights reduce cold-calls to carriers who aren’t likely to have what you’re looking for, which further increases your operational efficiency and lowers operating costs.

For more on the transformative power of Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology, be sure to read How To Master Digital Freight Matching To Grow Your Brokerage.

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