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June 28, 2021 | TruckerTools

Truckers Spoke and We Listened: More Results from Trucker Tools’ Carrier Technology Survey

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All of us Trucker Tools know that the needs of truckers and carriers like you change and evolve. That’s why we survey you each and every month. We want to know what’s working, what’s not and what you need when you’re on the road. We recently surveyed truckers and carriers like yourself about technology. We asked you about everything from digital load tracking technology and how you find loads to what you pay in monthly load board fees and your favorite money-saving driver apps. Before we dig into the results, here are a few facts about the folks who responded to our survey: 35 percent of you pull dry van, 20 percent flatbed and 33 percent reefer. Also, 57 percent of those who responded to our technology survey are owner operators and 40 percent are carriers, while the remainder are company drivers.

For more results from Trucker Tools’ carrier technology survey, scroll on down!

62 Percent Book Backhauls by Phone

One of the questions we asked in our carrier technology survey was, “Do you make phone calls to book reloads?” Sixty-two percent of you said yes, while 28 percent of you told us that you do at times, but it depends on the broker you’re working with. Some of the comments we received included, “I email, text and call,” “Shippers I work with have reloads,” “Dispatch service” and “Depends, most are pre-tendered.” 

Did you know that you are shown reload opportunities with each and every load you search for using the Trucker Tools app? You’ll also see backhaul loads by tapping the button “See Reloads” when you book a Book It Now® load in the Trucker Tools app. If you book a Book It Now® load in Trucker Tools’ app, you’ll receive reload suggestions in your load booking confirmation email. Using app-based tech like Trucker Tools’ app instead of phone calls to book your reloads saves you time.

Apps Help You Find Fuel, Truck Stops, Parking and More

When we asked if technology is part of your day-to-day routine while you’re on the road, 85 percent of you said yes. The most popular technology by far according to our survey results is mobile app technology. When it comes to mobile apps, 36 percent of you said you use mobile app technology to find fuel, 32 percent said to find truck stops and 22 percent to find parking. Others told us that these apps to find weigh scales, rest areas, restaurants/food and Walmart locations.

Did you know that you can put all of the above information in the palm of your hand with Trucker Tools’ free mobile app? It’s true. The app includes 17+ tools and features that save you time (and money) on and off the road. Use the app to find the cheapest fuel, routing, truck stops, parking, weigh scales, rest areas, restaurants, food, Walmart stores, loads, CDL legal protection and lots more.

Too Many Apps=App Overload

Forty-five percent of the truckers and carriers who answered our survey said that using load tracking technology positively impacts their relationships with brokers, yet many of those who responded our survey said they’re frustrated with the number of apps they need to install for brokers. Almost half of those who responded to our technology survey told us they’ve had to install between three and 10+ apps on their phones in the last year to meet brokers’ requirements. As one commenter put it, “I have too many apps running already.” Another suggested, “I would like to see all brokers use the same tracking app since they force us to use them.”

Did you know that you can use Trucker Tools free app to track all of your broker loads? True story! We’ve designed our app to be an all-in-one solution so that you don’t have to juggle six or eight apps at a time or install a new app every time you book a broker load. The Trucker Tools mobile app integrates with all of the major transportation management systems used by brokers and 3PLs. The app also integrates with several of the visibility platforms used by shippers, including MacroPoint, Project44, FourKites and 10/4. 

For more insights from our carrier technology survey, be sure to read Four Surprising Results from Trucker Tools’ Recent Carrier Technology Survey.

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