June 23, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Turvo Partners With Trucker Tools To Bring Smart Disruption To Trucking

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Turvo, the world’s leading collaborative logistics provider, recently announced a new partnership with real-time visibility and carrier relationship management platform Trucker Tools. This partnership involves integrating Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform with Turvo’s collaborative TMS solutions. Freight brokers and third party logistics companies can access Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility, digital freight matching, and Book-It-Now® capabilities on Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud platform. This partnership brings clarity to fleet management, accurate visibility to available capacity for digital freight matching, improved shipment tracking compliance from your carriers, and robust relationship management to Turvo’s users.

With commercial trucking becoming more competitive and capacity constrained, it’s a challenge for brokers, shippers, carriers, and 3PLs to access sufficient capacity, and at the same time, working with their trucking providers to produce the most efficient, cost effective and service-consistent operations. Today’s trucking fleets have to contend with a laundry list of obstacles, dealing with everything from highway congestion and challenging driving conditions, to inefficient use of drivers’ time and lack of trucking resources. Because of this, visibility into fleet operations, accurately and quickly matching of available freight to trucks, knowing with precision where trucks are in their journey and when they’ll be available for the next load, and ensuring reliable product velocity in your logistics network are crucial tasks for companies and businesses today. An efficient method to manage fleets and ensure real-time visibility is investing in a logistics solution like Turvo with smart trucking integrations like Trucker Tools.

Turvo’s logistics platform allows shippers, carriers, and brokers to unify all their operations in one space, connecting all relevant stakeholders and directly influencing efficiency. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity integration with Turvo’s collaborative suite increases the precision and accuracy of data gathered, providing intelligent insight into trucking operations and performance that are the lifeblood of today’s various functions across the  supply chains. 

How does this partnership benefit Turvo and Trucker Tools’ existing users:

1.   View real-time locations of trucks and fleets:

This collaboration enables fleet managers, shippers, and other stakeholders to track and locate trucks and fleets in real-time. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time load tracking makes it possible to track precisely where trucks are in their journey. Using the GPS tracking features of the Trucker Tools app or location data from the truck’s ELD, operators can get updates every 15 minutes, thus reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity.

The Trucker Tools app also offers drivers information on locating the cheapest fuel, finding parking and truck stops, the most efficient routing from pickup to delivery, solving compliance-related questions, and more. Combined with Turvo’s logistics platform, this smart trucking integration with Trucker Tools’ will allow Turvo users to track drivers in real-time, reducing attrition, eliminating wasteful “where’s my load” phone calls and emails, and providing insight into possible problem areas.

2.   Match with trucks using Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity service:

Instead of searching stale, inaccurate information on load boards or searching by phone for capacity available to transport freight, this collaboration allows users to benefit from Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity finder. This digital freight matching function automates what was formerly a highly manual and inaccurate work process, and makes it possible to quickly and efficiently find, communicate with and secure trucks that have capacity available.

Based on continuous updates and predictive load matching, this function tracks capacity in real-time, solving the problem of independently looking through load boards or “dialing for trucks.” Combined with Turvo’s logistics platform, this allows shippers, brokers, and 3PLs to find and secure the right capacity at the right time, fine-tune communication and operations across the supply chain, reduce inefficiencies and waste for both broker and trucker, and offer a more responsive, higher quality customer experience.

3.   Easily book loads in real-time:

The Trucker Tools integration with Turvo includes automated load booking technology. Posting loads as Book-It-Now® loads via Turvo’s platform enables owner-operators to book loads through the Trucker Tools’ driver app. It also allows carriers the convenience of “one click” booking to secure and confirm to book loads through Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform. These bookings are automatically scheduled in Turvo, eliminating the traditional back and forth for finding and booking loads.

The booking process becomes more accessible, as logistics owners must include their prices when sharing load information on the Book-It-Now® system. Operators/carriers looking to book these loads can book the load digitally at the rate listed or respond with their own quotes, all on the Trucker Tools’ app or platform. The traditionally manual process of booking loads is wholly automated through this collaboration. This smart trucking innovation can allow fleet operators to increase their load volumes and earn higher commissions more easily.

Further, this integration provides real-time intel and actionable insights into logistics operations, from trucking to load management. Stakeholders also get an in-depth look into future capacity with predictive load matching and other logistics insights, enabling smart trucking and greater operational efficiency and creating value for operators, truck drivers, shippers, and carriers, especially those connected to freight brokerage and logistics companies.

About Turvo

 Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform.

About Trucker ToolsTrucker Tools provides real-time load tracking, digital freight matching, predictive load matching and automated load booking solutions. Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity® platform was built as a powerful workflow tool to save time, increase productivity and keep carriers rolling.

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