Happy August and welcome to a brand new edition of “Where’s the Freight?,” Trucker Tools’ free freight forecast for truckers and carriers.

In today’s free market report, you’ll notice that the Texarkana, Texas, flatbed market ranks number one in our Top Five Hottest Markets list. Demand for flatbed capacity to/from Texarkana, Texas, this week is expected to be two and a half times higher than it was during the same week last year. Also notable in today’s forecast is that the Tucson, Ariz., reefer market has re-entered our Top Five, with its inbound market projected to favor carriers and owner operators by more than three to one in the coming week. If you run power only, you’ll want to keep an eye on the Savannah, Ga., and Macon, Ga., markets this week, as demand for power only capacity is projected to be high or rising in both markets over the next five to seven days.

Where Freight Demand/Rates Will Be Highest or Rising This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Texarkana, Texas, and Southwestern Ontario are projected to be high. Demand for flatbed capacity to/from Huntington, W.Va., is expected to rise.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Tucson, Ariz., likely will be high. Demand for reefer capacity to/from Dodge City, Kan., Texarkana, Texas, and Erie, Penn., is expected to increase.
  • Power only demand and rates for New Castle, Del., and Savannah, Ga., will be relatively high. Power only demand to/from Macon, Ga., likely will increase.

Where Freight Demand/Rates Will Be Lowest or Falling This Week

  • Flatbed demand and rates for Springfield, Mass., Fargo, N.D., and El Paso, Texas, will be very low.
  • Reefer demand and rates for Pittsburgh are projected to be low.
  • Power only demand and rates for Toledo, Ohio, will be extremely low. Demand for power only capacity for Los Angeles and Jackson, Miss., is expected to decrease.

Trucker Tools’ Market Insights and Industry News

  • Five Hottest Markets this week: 1. Texarkana, Texas (flatbed), 2. New Castle, Del. (power only), 3. Savannah, Ga. (power only), 4. Southwestern Ontario (flatbed), and 5. Tucson, Ariz. (reefer).
  • Five Coldest Markets this week: 1. Toledo, Ohio (power only), 2. Springfield, Mass. (flatbed), 3. Fargo, N.D. (flatbed), 4. El Paso, Texas (flatbed), and 5. Pittsburgh (reefer).
  • Market To Watch: In the coming week, the inbound Savannah, Ga., power only market will favor owner operators and carriers by three to one, meaning there should be three drop and hook loads available to each driver entering the area.
  • The number of spot market loads posted to public load boards fell last week, reflecting a trend of shippers turning to the contract market for capacity.
  • Over the next five to seven day period, the Springfield, Mass., flatbed market will favor shippers by a ratio of more than two to one, meaning there will only be one load for every two flatbed trailers headed into the region.
  • The American Trucking Associations recently announced the launch of its Women in Motion program, which is meant to highlight women in trucking and encourage more women to consider trucking careers.
  • Released last Friday, ACT Research’s most recent monthly report forecasts a possible recession in 2023.

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