August 2, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Five Facts About Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity Carrier Relationship Management Platform

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As a tech company serving the logistics and freight brokerage industries, we’ve long been committed to strengthening the relationships freight brokers and logistics providers like you have with owner operators and carriers. In 2013, we launched the Trucker Tools driver app and since then, nearly 2 million drivers and 250,000 carriers have downloaded our driver and carrier technology. Trucker Tools’ carrier relationship management platform for brokers and 3PLs connects you in real-time with the owner operators and carriers in our massive network, giving you the digital tools you need in your day-to-day operations to foster positive, long-term carrier relationships.

To find out how you can use Trucker Tools’ carrier relationship management platform to build a robust and dependable carrier network for the future, check out these five facts about the platform.

1. Designed for Relationship-Building

In contrast with load boards and other capacity sourcing technologies, Trucker Tools’ carrier relationship management platform was designed to do more than help you find capacity for a single load. When you search for trucks with Trucker Tools, you can search from among your preferred carriers. This ability to customize your searches helps you build long-term relationships with specific carriers on a load-by-load basis. Customized searches also allow you to offer premium loads to high-performing carriers, thereby providing them with an incentive to stick with you and your company instead of hopping from broker to broker.

2. Easy To Book Loads with Already-Onboarded Carriers

Trucker Tools’ customizable capacity searches also allow you to search for available capacity from among those owner operators and carriers who’ve already been onboarded with your company. This capability is invaluable when you’ve had a positive experience with a carrier on a single load and hope to build an ongoing business relationship with the carrier. Of course, using already-onboarded carriers decreases the number of new carriers your team needs to onboard each week, which ultimately improves the efficiency of your operations, as well.

3. Offer Backhauls on Every Load

With relationship building and efficiency in mind, we’ve also designed our carrier relationship management platform to display available reloads to your team members every time they’re looking at a load in the platform and discussing it with a carrier or owner operator. This allows your team members to offer backhaul opportunities to the carrier or owner op in a single conversation without putting the carrier on hold to search for a reload. If you can instantly offer a carrier or owner operator a quality backhaul on a load, it signals to them that you’re a true partner and that you don’t want them to lose money on an empty backhaul — which can go a long way in building a relationship with them for the long haul.

4. Digital Rate Negotiations

As a Trucker Tools’ broker user, you may opt to post your open loads to our platform. If you do, the drivers using Trucker Tools’ driver app and the carriers on our free carrier platform will see your loads in their load search results. When they see one of your loads that they like, they can send you a digital rate quote through Trucker Tools’ app or carrier platform in a matter of seconds. You’ll receive the rate quote nearly instantaneously and can respond via the Trucker Tools platform with a digital reply or email/call the carrier. Digital rate negotiations save carriers and drivers time, making you easy to do business with and easy to communicate with — qualities that carriers and owner operators value in freight broker and 3PL partners.

5. Book It Now® Seals the Deal

When you post loads to Smart Capacity as Book It Now® loads, you give carriers the ability to digitally book your loads through Trucker Tools’ carrier platform and owner ops the ability to book the loads through our driver app. Thanks to an integration between Book It Now® and your TMS, when a Book It Now® load is booked, the appointment is automatically scheduled in your TMS. Book It Now® greatly reduces the time and resources your team devotes to capacity sourcing. Perhaps more importantly, Book It Now® offers carriers and drivers 24-hour/day seven days/week access to your loads and the ability to quickly book your loads and move on to their next task. Simply put, Book It Now® saves carriers and drivers time. Many of the 3PLs and freight brokers using Smart Capacity offer Book It Now® loads to their top performers and those carriers and drivers they most want to keep in their networks.

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