June 28, 2022 | Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity: Building Relationships for the Long-Haul with Smart Technology

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As a tech provider, we know that your options are plentiful when it comes to choosing which software platforms to use in your logistics business. It’s important, however, to understand what different technologies can offer you. In this blog, you’ll learn how Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform is different from load board technology and some of the email-based capacity tools offered by our competitors. Smart Capacity is built with the latest automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help you make better decisions faster, operate with greater efficiency, realize higher gross margins, and build relationships with carriers and shippers for the long-term.

Building Relationships, Not Spamming Carriers

Some technology vendors use email as the primary engine for their capacity solutions, emailing all of their customers’ loads to every carrier and driver they have on their email lists. As a result, fleets and drivers are being inundated with emails about loads and lanes that they may not even run in. Similar to load board technology, spamming carriers with emails doesn’t facilitate relationship-building for the long-term — and email certainly is not the latest, most effective technology for capacity sourcing. In contrast, Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity platform uses sophisticated automation technology to match drivers and carriers who run specific lanes and types of loads with logistics companies like yours that need truckload capacity to move the same loads in the same lanes.

Putting the “Smart” in Smart Capacity

Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity software for freight brokers and 3PLs has smart in its name for a reason. The platform leverages the latest process algorithm technology and lane intelligence to facilitate lightning fast matching between carriers and drivers using our technology and brokers/3PLs who use Smart Capacity. In a matter of seconds, you can search for available capacity by dates, times, lanes, weight, type of capacity and other factors. Once you hit the search button in Smart Capacity, it takes only a few seconds to see your results. The machine learning built into Smart Capacity uses historical data to continually improve the quality of matches, ultimately helping you make better business decisions in real-time.

Digitize Rate Confirmations and Bookings for Greater Efficiency

As a Smart Capacity user, you also have the option to post your company’s loads to the platform. Doing so allows fleets and drivers of your choosing to view, bid on and book your loads through Trucker Tools’ free driver app and/or free carrier platform. Digitizing your communications with carriers and owner operators increases the efficiency of your business and offers efficiency benefits to carriers and owner ops, as well. They can send you rate quotes on loads through the app/carrier platform and you can respond through Smart Capacity or your TMS. Post your loads as Book-It-Now® loads and carriers and owner ops can book your loads digitally through Trucker Tools’ carrier platform or driver app.

Access to Trucker Tools’ Network of Nearly 2 Million Drivers and 250,000 Carriers  

Another differentiator for our Smart Capacity platform is the size of its carrier and driver network. Nearly 2 million drivers have downloaded the Trucker Tools app and 250,000 carriers actively use Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform. As such, Trucker Tools offers one of the largest truck capacity networks in the industry. When you use Smart Capacity in your business, you can tap into Trucker Tools’ enormous carrier and driver network as your customers explore adding new lanes and as you expand your carrier network and/or scale your business for growth.

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