May 11, 2021 | TruckerTools

How To Use Technology To Scale Your Freight Broker Business

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You may think that you have to increase the number of staff members that you employ if you want to expand your customer base, diversify your business or increase load volume. But the truth is this: with the right technology, you can scale up your freight broker business without substantially increasing overhead. Technology that increases the efficiency with which you track loads and secure capacity provides opportunities for growth and scalability that can’t be matched by the old way of doing business. That old way of doing business includes sinking significant time and staffing into manual phone calls and emails to carriers, as well as load board postings.

Implementing digital freight tracking and digital freight matching technology not only offer you added efficiency. Both digital technologies also help you better meet the needs of today’s shippers. Read on to learn how to use technology to scale your freight broker business.

Digital Freight Visibility: No Longer a “Nice-to-Have”

Today’s shippers expect real-time, digital visibility of their freight. Digital, real-time freight tracking allows shippers to better manage their supply chains, resources and staffing. Digital, real-time visibility also helps shippers better meet their own customers’ needs. Technology such as Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform can help you meet or even surpass the visibility requirements that many shippers have. Freight brokers like Surge Transportation are able to compete for the business of larger shippers because of the high level of visibility consistency and compliance the company can offer its shippers using Trucker Tools’ real-time visibility platform.

Using a digital freight tracking platform such as Trucker Tools eliminates or reduces the number of check calls needed to track a load. The benefit of reducing check calls is two-fold. First, you can update your shippers faster when you track loads digitally. Secondly, you don’t have to hire more employees to make more check calls if you increase freight volume or expand your customer base. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight tracking platform, you can scale your freight broker business without increasing overhead, which helps you maximize your revenue and achieve sustainable growth.

Digital Freight Matching: Reduce Costs, Find Capacity Faster

Digital freight matching technology reduces or eliminates the repetitive tasks associated with manual truck searches. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform, you don’t have to make multiple phone calls to dispatchers, email carriers or deal with load boards to find capacity. You can quickly search for capacity from within your network of preferred carriers with a few clicks of your mouse. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform also allows you to see where trucks will be in the future, which helps you plan ahead and secure capacity before it’s made available elsewhere. 

With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform, if you want to expand your business, you can do so without hiring more staff or increasing your overhead. In fact, you can use Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform as a means to expand your business. Many brokers on Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform use the technology to search for and make contact with new carriers. Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform also makes it much easier and faster for you to book backhauls and repeat loads with preferred carriers, which ultimately reduces the number of new carriers you’re onboarding each month.

Comprehensive Digital Platform Offers Unmatched Scalability, Business Insights

Using Trucker Tools’ digital freight tracking platform and digital freight matching platform together offers you scalability in multiple ways. First, as discussed previously, you can scale up your freight volume without adding additional employees or implementing new internal processes or technologies. With these two platforms, you also can use the time saved by digitizing these processes to reassign staff members to revenue-generating activities. For example, say you had five employees on your track and trace team making 10 to 12 check-calls per load. Once you institute Trucker Tools’ load tracking, which automates much of the load tracking process, you may be able to move three employees from your track and trace team to your carrier development or shipper development teams. 

Companies like GlobalTranz are using Trucker Tools’ digital platforms not only to increase operational efficiency and as a springboard for growth, but also to gain insights about internal processes and operations. Trucker Tools’ digital platforms give you immediate feedback on what’s working well and what’s not. Once you’ve digitized your load tracking and capacity procurement processes with Trucker Tools’ platforms, it’s easier for you to identify top-performing carriers and drivers, understand trends and target internal inefficiencies. With these business insights, you’re able to make better strategic decisions faster and identify ideal partners early on.

To learn more about the benefits you can realize from implementing a comprehensive digital platform, read The One-Two Punch: Why Digital Load Tracking and Freight Matching Are Both Must-Haves for Brokers and 3PLs. Schedule a free demo of Trucker Tools’ digital freight tracking and digital freight matching.

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