January 2, 2023 | TruckerTools

Broker Tip: Build Stronger Relationships, Boost Efficiency with Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program

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Happy 2023 and welcome to your first Broker Tip blog of the new year. This ongoing Broker Tip blog series provides freight brokers like you with tips for increasing efficiency in your day-to-day work with real-time technology. This newest blog in the series is dedicated to Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program and how you can leverage it to build stronger relationships with drivers — all while increasing efficiency and productivity. Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program allows you to customize rewards for drivers to meet your operational goals. You can reward drivers for completing tasks such as tracking loads, uploading BoL and PoD documents, and booking loads digitally.

Step #1 — Join Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program

Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program is free for drivers. When you join the loyalty program as a freight brokerage, you are purchasing marketing services that come with free TruckerPoints. These TruckerPoints can be awarded to drivers at different package tiers. To join our new Driver Loyalty Program, contact your Customer Success Manager directly or reach out to the Customer Success Team at Following sign-up, you’ll gain access to a web-based dashboard from which you can manage the specifics of your driver loyalty program.

Step #2 — Set Custom Reward Levels for Drivers

Once you’ve joined the Driver Loyalty Program, you’ll need to decide which actions you want to encourage drivers to take when interacting with your team via the Trucker Tools driver app. Are you spending too much time tracking down paperwork once a shipment is delivered? Are you struggling to meeting shipper visibility KPIs? If so, you may want to encourage drivers to upload BoLs or track loads digitally by offering them TruckerPoints every time they upload documents or track a load with the Trucker Tools driver app.

Step #3 — Automatically Award TruckerPoints to Drivers Who Complete Actions in Driver App

Once you join Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program and establish your reward levels for drivers, each time that a driver completes the incentivized task they’ll automatically be awarded the number of TruckerPoints you’ve set for that action. Drivers can redeem their accrued TruckerPoints at any time for free gift cards to 200+ different U.S. retailers. They can redeem their points right from within the driver app in a matter of seconds and receive their digital gift cards via email.

Step #4 — Become a Broker of Choice Among Drivers

At a time when inflation is driving costs higher and higher, the prospect of earning free gift cards to auto parts stores, clothing retailers, restaurants, food delivery, music subscription services, outdoor equipment stores and other retailers encourages drivers to keep your working with your company. Participating in Trucker Tools’ Driver Loyalty Program can differentiate you from your competitors and make you a brokerage of choice among drivers.  

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