November 8, 2022 | TruckerTools

Faster Carrier Rate Confirmations with Smart Capacity and SONAR

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faster rate confirmations

Last month, we began a new integration partnership with FreightWaves SONAR that brings SONAR rate intelligence to our Smart Capacity software platform for freight brokers and logistics companies. This powerful new tool within Smart Capacity provides you with average, high and low rate data for each load in Smart Capacity that speeds up carrier rate confirmations. Instant access to real-time rate intelligence helps you price loads accurately according to real-world market value, while streamlining how you manage and track rate negotiations with carriers. As a result, you can work with greater efficiency. If you work on commission as a freight broker, that can even translate into higher monthly earnings. 

Average, High and Low Rates Displayed on Every Load

To access FreightWaves SONAR rates within Smart Capacity, you’ll need a SONAR subscription and to connect that subscription to Smart Capacity’s digital freight matching. If you don’t already have a FreightWaves SONAR subscription, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial right in Smart Capacity. Once you’ve either connected your existing FreightWaves subscription to Smart Capacity or signed up for a free trial, you’ll see the average rate displayed for each load you view within Smart Capacity. (If you’ve integrated Smart Capacity with your transportation management system, you’ll be able to see rate info in your TMS.) You also can view SONAR’s high and low rates for any loads in Smart Capacity/your TMS. 

Smart Capacity and FreightWaves SONAR: Send and Respond To Quotes Faster

Smart Capacity’s integration with FreightWaves SONAR puts real-time rate intelligence literally at your fingertips. With real-time average, high and low rates displayed on each load that you work on, you don’t need to spend time researching whether the rate you’re offering to or the quote you’ve received from a carrier is a fair price for your customer. Once you’ve had a moment to view SONAR’s rates in Smart Capacity, you can quickly send carriers digital offers or respond to their quotes within Smart Capacity with a few clicks of your computer mouse. 

Speeding up your carrier rate confirmations provides multiple wins. First, it makes you more efficient. If you’re spending less time pricing and negotiating loads with carriers, you have more time to broker more freight, which if you work on commission is a huge positive. Faster rate confirmations makes your carriers happy because they can make decisions on loads faster and run their operations with greater efficiency. Faster rate cons also means your shippers’ loads get covered faster, which is always a good thing.

Manage Quotes and Rate Confirmations in One Digital Place

If you’re like most freight brokers, you use a variety of tools to keep track of the loads that you’re working on. However, using spreadsheets or other tools that require you to manually record rate negotiations can be time-consuming. Any kind of manual recording of information also is subject to human error. Smart Capacity provides you with one centralized, digital place from which you can manage all of your rate negotiations with carriers. With Smart Capacity, you don’t have to worry about manual transcription errors. 

Once you’ve sent a quote to a carrier or owner operator, you can manage your digital communications with that carrier and others using the Carrier Activity tab within Smart Capacity. The Carrier Activity tool in Smart Capacity puts all of your bids and negotiations in one easy-to-access digital place. From the Carrier Activity tab, you also can accept or reject offers or send counteroffers to carriers with a few clicks of your computer mouse. You can manage Book It Now® loads via the Carrier Activity tab, as well. Click on Views within the Carrier Activity tab and you even can see how many times the carrier has viewed that particular load and which person within the organization has viewed it. 

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