January 24, 2022 | TruckerTools

Integration Partner Highlight: Turvo Logistics Platform

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Software platform integrations are a must-have for freight brokerage and logistics companies like yours. When different technologies can share data, your team members have the ability to access the information they need quickly and provide top-notch service to both your customers and carrier partners. Trucker Tools’ full stack integration partnership with Turvo brings the power of our Smart Capacity platform to Turvo’s collaborative logistics platform. With the integration, your team members can access Smart Capacity’s real-time visibility, digital freight matching and Book-It-Now® capabilities directly in the Turvo platform interface.

About Turvo

Turvo provides the world’s leading collaboration platform and TMS application designed specifically for the supply chain. Turvo connects people and organizations allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to unite their supply chains, deliver outstanding customer experiences, collaborate in real-time and accelerate growth. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end solution to execute all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Turvo’s collaboration tools reduce overhead and manual processes, which can in turn boost employee retention and improve staff productivity.

Real-Time Load Tracking Updates Every Five Minutes

The integration between Turvo’s logistics platform and Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity real-time load tracking allows your staff members to view the real-time location of trucks directly in the Turvo interface. Smart Capacity’s load tracking system uses the popular Trucker Tools driver app and the GPS technology in the trucker’s smart phone to provide your team with location updates every five to 15 minutes. As a result, your team makes fewer check calls and can stay ahead of delays and potential service issues. Smart Capacity’s real-time visibility component also offers your business a level of scalability that cannot be matched by manual check calls.

Freight brokers and logistics providers that implement the real-time visibility component of Smart Capacity often are able to meet or surpass the visibility consistency and compliance requirements of even the largest shippers. One of the reasons for this is that Trucker Tools’ free driver app does more than simply track loads for brokers and 3PLs. The app includes 17+ tools and features that help truckers locate the cheapest fuel, find parking and truck stops, and much more. The value that the Trucker Tools driver app offers drivers means it’s more likely to stay on the trucker’s phone instead of being deleted after a load is delivered.

Cover Loads Faster with Smart Capacity’s Digital Freight Matching

The integration partnership between Trucker Tools and Turvo also includes the digital freight matching component of Smart Capacity. Instead of cold-calling carriers or spending hours on load boards, your staff members can search Smart Capacity from within the Turvo platform for specific types of capacity in specific lanes. Unlike load boards, the capacity data in Smart Capacity is based on the real-world movement of trucks. If you see a truck that is marked available within Smart Capacity, you know that the truck is likely to be available. This allows you to target your communications only to those carriers that are likely to have capacity when and where you need it. As a result, your process for covering loads is much more efficient.

Smart Capacity also includes predictive load matching technology that provides insights into when and where trucks will be available in the future. With Smart Capacity’s predictive load matching, you can locate and secure capacity on Trucker Tools’ private network before the truck(s) is ever posted publicly on a load board or elsewhere. Predictive load matching lets you reach carriers earlier in the cycle and makes it easier for your team to book capacity in advance.

Offer Carriers In-App and Web-Based Load Booking with Book-It-Now®

Our integration partnership with Turvo includes our load booking automation technology Book-It-Now®, as well. If you post your loads as Book-It-Now® loads to Smart Capacity via the Turvo platform, you give owner operators the power to book your loads through Trucker Tools’ driver app and carriers to book your loads through Trucker Tools’ free carrier platform. When an owner operator or carrier books one of your Book-It-Now® loads through Trucker Tools’ app or carrier platform, the appointment is automatically scheduled in Turvo — no follow up emails or phone calls needed.

Book-It-Now® eliminates the back-and-forth phone calls that typify traditional rate negotiations and confirmations. When you post a load as a Book-It-Now® load, you must include your preferred rate. The owner operator/carrier can book the load at that rate or send you an alternate rate through the app/carrier platform. Carriers like Book-It-Now® because it lets them search for and book loads 24 hours/day and seven days/week. It also reduces the number of phone calls and email messages they have to contend with. Your staff members likely will appreciate Book-It-Now®, too, because it automates what’s traditionally been a manual process and can help you increase your load count (and their commissions). With Book-It-Now®, you also can scale up your load volume without necessarily increasing your head count.

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