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Join Trucker Tools at TIA’s Capital Ideas Conference May 11-13

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Leaders in freight brokerage and logistics will gather together virtually May 11-13 for the Transportation Intermediaries Association’s 2021 Capital Ideas Conference. The conference will include educational sessions, networking events and the opportunity to see some of the most exciting technology available to the industry. Trucker Tools’ CEO and Founder Prasad Gollapalli will be a featured speaker in two different educational sessions at this year’s Capital Ideas Conference. Trucker Tools also is a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Be sure to stop by the Trucker Tools’ virtual booth to learn more about Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching software platform, real-time freight tracking software platform and automated load booking tool Book It Now®.

Five Key Steps for Building a Successful Transition to Digital Brokerage Technology: May 11, 12:30-1:00 PM

Today’s shipper expects real-time data, accuracy, agility, speed and scalability. In this educational session, Gollapalli and Kingsgate Logistics’ Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation Tom Curee delve into how brokers and 3PLs can use digitization to meet the evolving demands of shippers. In addition to raising service levels, digitization offers cost reduction and growth opportunities for brokers and 3PLs.

In the session, you’ll learn what’s essential on your digital journey, from beginning to end. Gollapalli and Curee will discuss digitization starting points and how you can get quick wins early on in with easy-to-implement digital tools that produce results and foster employee buy-in. You’ll also learn about best practices for building and executing an effective technology roadmap, choosing a technology vendor and how to evaluate your implementation. This session offers insight into how to approach employee training and education, as well as why you should take a continuous improvement approach to technology to stay ahead of your competitors. No matter where you are on your digital journey, this session provides valuable, real-world advice that will help you achieve a high ROI with your digitization efforts.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: How To Ensure Value from Digital Freight Management Apps: May 12, 1:15-2:15 PM

Digital freight management (DFM) has been one of hottest technology trends to emerge in the industry over the last year. Unpredictable supply and demand in recent months have made digital freight management technology a must-have for brokers and 3PLs who want to cover loads faster, while offering carriers added convenience.

In this educational session, Gollapalli will be joined by Choptank Transport’s President & CEO Geoff Turner, GlobalTranz’ Chief Technology Officer Russ Felker and Schneider Logistics’ Vice President of Broker Operations Ben Schuchart to discuss digital freight management technology and how to leverage it to your advantage. You’ll find out how you can use digital freight management technology to automate your time-intensive, manual truck searches. You’ll also learn about best practices for evaluating digital freight management technology and hear tips for identifying leaders in the digital freight management space.

Visit Trucker Tools’ Virtual Booth To Learn More About Real-Time Freight Tracking, Digital Freight Matching and Book It Now®

In between sessions, be sure to visit Trucker Tools’ virtual booth to learn more about how you can use Trucker Tools’ real-time freight tracking to better meet your shippers’ needs and increase operational efficiency. Trucker Tools’ load tracking platform provides you with real-time load location updates every five to fifteen minutes, giving you continuous visibility of freight while reducing or even eliminating check calls. Brokers and 3PLs that implement Trucker Tools’ freight tracking platform meet and often surpass their shippers’ visibility consistency and compliance KPIs, while providing a transparent load tracking experience for drivers. 

You also can learn about the power of digital freight matching technology at Trucker Tools’ Capital Ideas virtual booth. With Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching technology, you’re able to locate and book truck capacity with preferred carriers quickly, and offer carriers reloads in a single communication. Use Trucker Tools’ digital freight matching platform to search for capacity by date, lane, freight type and carrier name. Predictive load matching lets you see where trucks will be in the future, which helps you plan ahead and secure capacity ahead of your competitors.

Implementing Trucker Tools’ Book It Now® adds another level of convenience and efficiency for you and carriers. With Book It Now®, drivers and carriers can book your loads digitally via the Trucker Tools driver app or free carrier platform. A software integration between your TMS and Book It Now® automates the load booking process completely, saving you and your carriers time.

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