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October 5, 2022 | TruckerTools

This Just In: Results from Our Carrier Technology Survey

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We know that your use of technology in your trucking business is always evolving. We recently surveyed 150+ trucking companies like yours to find out exactly how you use technology to find and book loads. If you were one of the folks who responded to our survey, thank you! Of the 150+ people who responded to our survey, 86 percent of you identified yourselves as owners of a trucking business, while the remaining 14 percent of you who responded told us that you’re dispatchers or work in some other role for a carrier. 

Check out these six don’t-want-to-miss results from our recent carrier survey.

1. 42 Percent Use Load Boards To Find Loads

When we asked how you go about booking your loads, 42 percent of you told us you use load boards to find loads and then call the broker, while 13 percent typically call brokers directly to find loads. Eight percent of you use an app or online portal to book loads and only three percent of you solely use email to find loads. Most notable, 35 percent of you use a combination of all of the above methods to find and book loads. 

2. 54 Percent Book Loads Digitally in Less Than 10 Minutes

We also asked carriers like you if you use digital load booking platforms (either website or app-based) and if you do, how long it takes you to book a single load. More than half of you reported that it takes you less than 10 minutes to book a load digitally. For approximately 31 percent of you, it takes between 11 and 20 minutes to book a load digitally. 

3. Most Carriers Pay More Than $30/Month for Access to Loads

In answer to the question of how much you pay for access to tools that help you find and book loads, 79 percent of you report paying more than $30 each month just to use these tools. Only 19 percent of you told us that the tools you use to find and book loads are free. 

4. Data on Rates and Load Filter Tools Are Useful Tools

To those of you who pay for access to loads and load booking tools, we asked which features you find to be the most helpful. Many of you (46 percent) told us you find load search filters to be the most useful feature, while 43 percent of you reported that data on rates for similar loads help you out the most. 

5. Trucker Tools’ Carrier Platform Simplifies and Speeds Up Load Bookings

Some of you who responded to our survey use Trucker Tools’ free software platform for carriers. We asked you how our carrier platform simplifies and speeds up the way that you are booking loads. More than half of you who use the platform reported that it reduces the number of phone calls you need to make. Approximately 24 percent of you told us the platform reduces phone calls, reduces the time it takes to book a load and allows you to book loads during off-hours and weekends.

6. Trucker Tools Helps You Book More Loads

We also asked Trucker Tools’ carrier software platform users like you how many more loads per month you’ve been able to book with our platform. Fifty-eight percent of you reported that you’ve been able to book between one and five more loads per month with Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform. 

Be sure to read “Seven Ways Trucker Tools’ Free Carrier Software Platform Saves You Time During Peak Season.” To start using Trucker Tools’ free carrier software platform, visit

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