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February 6, 2021 | TruckerTools

Top Blogs for Truckers: January 2021

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If you missed out on any of Trucker Tools’ blogs last month, this is your chance to get all caught up. In January, we published the results from our health and fitness survey on the Trucker Tools blog. A big thank you to the nearly 200 truckers who responded to our health and fitness survey. We also interviewed truckers to find out how they deal with winter weather when they’re on the road and chatted with trucker Wayne Cragg, who flatbeds across the 48. We released our top 10 list of must-have tools for truckers and showcased five features in the driver app that will save you money, as well. 

Here it is, your January 2021 monthly blog roundup!

Winter Safety Tips for Truckers

Last month, Trucker Tools surveyed truckers across the country to find out how they deal with the challenges of winter weather trucking. In this blog, we highlight the results of the survey, as well as comments from truckers who responded to the survey. Nearly every trucker who answered our survey recommends packing extra supplies, including a temp-rated sleeping bag. To find out what else they had to say, read this blog. 

Top 10 Tools for Truckers

This top 10 must-have tools for truckers list includes everything you need when you’re on the road — and everything you need to increase your profits. From app-based load booking to route optimization, the tools and technology in our top 10 list are all about increasing drive time and reducing your expenses. If you’re looking to increase your profits in 2021, this blog is for you.

Flatbedding and Trucking Truths with Wayne Cragg

Meet Trucker Wayne Cragg, a flatbedder and U.S. Navy veteran who we recently had the good fortune to interview for the Trucker Tools blog. Wayne spoke to us about his experiences in trucking and about the challenges of running flatbed during the pandemic. Wayne also shared how he’s managed to achieve a 99 percent on-time delivery rate over the last eight years.

Results from Our Trucker Health and Fitness Survey

This blog reveals more results from our recent health and fitness survey. The survey asked truckers across the country about how they stay healthy on the road and about their top health and fitness challenges. More than 80 percent of the truckers who responded to our survey told us that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely or very important to them. Many offered tips on how to exercise and eat right on the road. Read the survey results and their tips here.

10 Exercises To Do During Your 30 Minute Break

Trucker Tools recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Manera of The Trucking Fitness Company, which focuses on helping truckers become more physically active. During our interview with Mark, we asked him about exercises that truckers can do during a 30 minute break, which we share in this blog. Bonus: the only thing you need for these exercises is an exercise band.

How to Save Searches in the Trucker Tools Driver App

This how-to blog gives you step-by-step instructions on how to save load searches in the Trucker Tools driver app. Saving your load searches in the app allows you to save your load, lane and broker preferences so that you can do the same search again in the future quickly. You even can turn on notifications for your searches so that you know when there are new search results.

Trucker Tools’ Driver App: Keeping You Moving and Making Money During the Pandemic

We recently asked you and your fellow truckers to tell us about the challenges of trucking during the pandemic. We conducted the same survey back in April shortly after the Coronavirus hit the United States. This blog looks at the results of both surveys, including what’s gotten easier and what hasn’t since April. Those who responded to our survey told us that accessing necessities like restaurants, grocery stores and restrooms is still difficult —and that detention has gone up significantly.

Five Driver App Tools That Save You Time (and Money)

At Trucker Tools, our goal is to help you save time and increase your revenue. All of the 17+ tools included in our free app for drivers help you do both. We’ve recently added new efficiency tools to the driver app that help you quickly deal with moving violations, secure overnight parking and insure your loads. Find out about the other features in the Trucker Tools driver app that you should be using to maximize your earnings.

For more moving-saving tips, interviews with truckers and updates on new driver app features, read Must-Read Blogs for Truckers: December 2020.

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