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November 18, 2021 | TruckerTools

Trucker Tools’ Free Mobile App: The Go-To Lifestyle App for New Drivers and Carriers

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If you’re a newcomer to the industry as a trucking company owner, independent owner operator or company driver, you’re no doubt looking for an all-one-technology to help you or your drivers on the road. Look no further! The Trucker Tools mobile app so far has been downloaded by more than 1.3 million drivers and carriers and with good reason. The app includes 17+ tools and features that save you time and money on the road. What you may not know is that the Trucker Tools app is a lifestyle app that also can come in handy when you’re not working and on home time.

Read on to learn more about Trucker Tools’ mobile app and how it can help you both on and off the road.

Find Parking, Weigh Scales, Cheapest Fuel, Truck Stops and More When You’re on the Road

The Trucker Tools app is an all-one-app that includes everything you need when you’re working, from the time you’re looking for a load until you drop it off and submit your paperwork for payment. With Trucker Tools’ free mobile app, you can trip-plan and find the cheapest fuel along your route. The app also locates nearby weigh scales, truck stops, rest areas, repair shops and truck washes for you in a matter of seconds. The Trucker Tools app includes an axle weight calculator and information on nearby truck sales and service centers, and hospitals.

Need to find secure, overnight parking? Trucker Tools’ free app has you covered on that front, too. The app’s parking feature shows you where free public parking spaces and paid parking are available. In fact, you can search for, book and pay for paid parking right in the app. The app includes a digital load tracking tool that you can use to track broker loads, as well, and it works with the software platforms used by brokers. If you track a broker load with the Trucker Tools app, you can take screen shots of the track to document detention time and submit BOL/POD paperwork to the broker right through the app.

Submit Rate Quotes, Book Loads and Find Backhauls with Trucker Tools’ App

One of the most valuable tools in the Trucker Tools app is the load search feature. Here’s why: if a load is booked by another carrier or driver, it’s automatically removed from the app and won’t show up in your search results.

“I used to use some load boards and other driver apps, but I didn’t like them. It’s a lot easier to use Trucker Tools’ driver app to search for loads,” says Travis Griffin, an owner operator based out of Wisconsin. “You don’t have to fight for loads with Trucker Tools. Once the load is taken, it’s taken right down. It’s always updated. That’s the good thing about it.”

With the Trucker Tools app, you can search for loads with your favorite brokers in just a few seconds. You can narrow your search by pickup location, date and time, destination and load type (reefer, dry van, etc.). You also have the ability to save searches in the app. When you find the right load, simply tap on Show Interest and you can submit a rate quote to the broker directly through the app. Some of the loads that you may see in Trucker Tools’ app may be labeled as Book-It-Now® loads. Book-It-Now® loads can be booked instantly right in the app any time of day or night.

It’s also easy to find backhauls with Trucker Tools’ driver app, which is important when you’re first starting out in trucking. Getting a good backhaul can help you maximize your revenue and avoid freight dead zones. When you search for a load, reload options are listed with each load in the search results. If you book a Book-It-Now® load, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes backhaul loads for the load you just booked, as well. If you want to stay on top of where demand for capacity is highest and lowest throughout the United States and Canada, be sure to check out “Where’s the Freight?,” Trucker Tools’ free forecast. This three-times-a-week forecast is free for truckers and carriers and helps you make sound business decisions on loads.

Quickly Locate Food, Restaurants, Wal-Mart Stores and More When You’re on Home Time

The feedback we get from many truckers is that they often use the Trucker Tools mobile app when they’re on home time. Picture this: it’s the weekend, you’re on a road trip with the family and you suddenly realize your gas tank is almost empty. What do you do? Pull out your phone and find the nearest gas station with the Trucker Tools app’s Routing & Fuel Optimizer. You also can use the app to find a nearby hospital or doctor when you’re on the road and get directions to your next stop.

If you tap on a truck stop in the app, you can see if there’s a restaurant or food available, whether parking is available and what the current temperature is.

The Truck Stop Guide in the Trucker Tools app is chock full of information that can be useful when you’re on home time, as well. It’s why it’s one of the most popular features in the app. The Truck Stop Guide shows you nearby truck stops, including the distance to each stop and the telephone number for each truck stop. If you tap on a truck stop in the app, you can see if there’s a restaurant or food available, whether parking is available and what the current temperature is. The app’s Wal-Mart store locator also is a fan favorite and can be used at home when you need to stock up on food and other supplies.

Be sure to check out these Five Stretches You Can Do on the Road That Help Prevent Stiffness and Injuries. To download Trucker Tools’ free driver app, visit

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