February 3, 2023 | TruckerTools

Seven Features To Look for in a Real-Time Visibility Platform

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Choices abound when it comes to real-time visibility software platforms. Despite a plethora of choices available to freight brokers/3PLs like you, there are some important features and capabilities that you should prioritize when choosing load tracking software for your company. The visibility solution in which you ultimately invest should include a driver/carrier interface that is user-friendly and should save you, your shippers and carriers time. 

Check out these seven features to look for in a real-time visibility platform

1. Driver-Focused Mobile App

A driver-focused companion mobile app is at the top of this list because the greatest plans for boosting visibility often are thwarted by technology that isn’t friendly to drivers. Solutions like Trucker Tools’ tracking platform include a companion mobile app that features 17+ digital tools that save drivers time.

2. ELD Integrations

Different drivers and carrier have different preferences around load tracking, which is why it’s important to offer multiple options for digital tracking. Make sure the tracking software you choose includes both app and ELD tracking options to help you achieve high visibility compliance rates.

3. MacroPoint, Project44 and FourKites Integration

Solutions like Trucker Tools’ tracking software integrate with the visibility platforms used by your customers. These include MacroPoint, FourKites and Project44. This integration capability means you can automatically share visibility data with your customers in real-time instead of needing to pick up the phone to provide location updates.

4. Doc Upload

Contrary to popular belief, truckers aren’t afraid of technology. What they don’t like is technology that doesn’t work well. Be sure that your visibility solution’s companion mobile app includes robust document upload capabilities so that drivers can instantly send you BoL and PoD docs through the app.

5. Real-Time Updates Every Five Minutes

When you’re manually tracking loads with check calls, you may be calling the driver or carrier dispatcher once an hour. In the span of an hour a lot can change, which is why you want a load tracking platform that automatically provides location updates every five minutes. With updates every five minutes, you can always provide accurate ETAs to shippers.

6. Reduces Check Calls

One of the primary benefits of using a digital tracking platform is that it should reduce check calls and make you more efficient. We recommend asking any visibility vendor you’re considering for use cases or customer testimonials that show the solution reduces check calls for teams like yours.

7. High Tracking Success

Another good question to ask of a prospective load tracking software vendor is what the average tracking success rate is for the platform. A low average tracking success rate indicates the solution is difficult for drivers to use, unreliable and/or doesn’t provide any value to drivers and carriers. Steer clear of tracking solutions with low tracking success rates and seek out those software platforms with high success/compliance rates.

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