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November 1, 2022 | TruckerTools

Speed Up Rate Confirmations with Trucker Tools

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As an owner operator or someone working in a trucking business, you likely spend more time than you realize negotiating and finalizing rates with freight brokers and logistics companies. You must make sure that the rate per mile on a given load will cover expenses and calculate a possible backhaul loss if you’ll be coming out of a market with low-paying reloads. Trucker Tools’ tech for owner operators and carriers digitizes and speeds up rate negotiations so that you spend less time playing phone-tag with brokers and more time on the good stuff like driving or booking more freight.

Send and Receive Digital Quotes via Trucker Tools App or Carrier Platform

When you use Trucker Tools’ free driver app for owner operators or free carrier platform for fleets, you can quickly search for loads with a few taps on your phone or clicks on your computer. Once you find a load to match your truck with Trucker Tools’ load search, you have the option to send the broker/3PL a digital rate quote right then and there through the app or carrier platform. You also can view incoming digital quotes from brokers right in the app/carrier platform and respond to their quotes with a click or tap. Any way you slice it, Trucker Tools’ free driver/carrier tech reduces manual rate negotiations by phone and email, freeing up your time to do bigger and better things!

Access to FreightWaves SONAR Rate Intelligence in Trucker Tools’ Driver App

Earlier this month, we launched a valuable new feature in the Trucker Tools driver app that will soon be available in our carrier software platform, as well. Thanks to our new integration partnership with FreightWaves SONAR, you now can view SONAR’s average, high and low rates for loads that you view in the app. (Note: SONAR rate data is not currently available on Book-It-Now® loads.) Access to this real-time rate data not only makes you better informed when it comes to pricing loads appropriately. The SONAR rate info on loads in the Trucker Tools app can further speed up your rate negotiations and confirmations with freight brokers and logistics companies. With rate intelligence literally at your fingertips, you don’t need to take the time to do research on going rates on loads in the lane you’re bidding on. 

Instant Rate Cons with Book-It-Now®

Some of the loads that you see in Trucker Tools’ driver app and carrier platform are labeled as Book-It-Now® loads. These loads include the broker’s preferred rate. On Book-It-Now® loads, you have the choice to either book the load immediately at the broker’s preferred rate or to send the broker a counteroffer on the load. You can do either right from the Trucker Tools app or carrier platform with a click/tap or two. If you choose to book the load at the broker’s Book-It-Now® rate, simply click/tap on Book-It. After you click Book-It, you’ll receive an automated email confirmation of the appointment and it will automatically be booked in the broker’s software. 

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